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Players who appeared or managed in the major leagues.

given: Javier Alfonso
Franchises: SFG,BOS,COL
given: Javier
Franchises: ATL,BAL,BOS
given: Javier Arturo
Franchises: SDP

Players who appeared or managed in Minor or Indy League Baseball, and not the major leagues.

given: Euclides Javier
Franchises: CLE
given: Francisco Javier
given: Janick Javier
Franchises: TBD
given: Javier
Franchises: MIN
given: Javier T.
Franchises: SFG
given: Javier Alberto
Franchises: FLA
given: Javier
given: Javier
given: Javier F.
given: Jefferson Javier Adolfo
Franchises: CIN
given: Johan Javier
Franchises: TBD

Other Players and Scouts

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