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Players who appeared or managed in the major leagues.

given: Jose Luis
Franchises: TOR,LAD,TBD
given: Luis Alfonso
Franchises: PIT,LAD,NYY
given: Luis Ivan
Franchises: PIT,STL,NYY

Players who appeared or managed in Minor or Indy League Baseball, and not the major leagues.

given: Edward Luis
Franchises: FLA
given: Jose Luis M.
Franchises: WSN
given: Hector Luis
Franchises: SFG,STL
given: Jorge Luis
Franchises: KCR
given: Jorge Luis
Franchises: WSN
given: Jorge Luis
Franchises: WSN
given: Jose Luis
Franchises: SFG
given: Juan Luis
Franchises: HOU
given: Luis Claudio Mojica
Franchises: CHC
given: Luis M.
Franchises: TBD
given: Luis M. R.
Franchises: MIN
given: Luis Leroy
Franchises: HOU
given: Luis Manuel
given: Luis Alfonso
given: Luis Felipe
Franchises: STL
given: Luis Miguel
Franchises: STL,ATL
given: Luis
Franchises: CHW
given: Luis Felipe
Franchises: SDP
given: Luis Alfredo
Franchises: ANA
given: Luis Albert
Franchises: BAL
given: Luis Martin
Franchises: PHI
given: Luis Vicente De La Cruz
Franchises: MIL
given: Yan Luis
Franchises: PHI,MIL
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