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Players who appeared or managed in the major leagues.

Heinie Manush (1923-1939) Hall of Fame All-Star
given: Henry Emmett
Franchises: MIN,DET,BAL
given: Henry Knight
Franchises: CIN,SFG,PIT
given: Henry
Franchises: CHC,SFG
given: Charles F.
Franchises: BOS,SFG
given: Clarence Francis
Franchises: STL,SFG,ATL
given: Henry Clement
Franchises: CIN,STL,PIT
given: Henry William, nickname: The Count Of Luxemburg
Franchises: PIT,BAL
given: Henry Peter
Franchises: BLO,WAS,PIT
given: Henry George
Franchises: DET,STL
given: John Henry
Franchises: PHI
given: Emmett Jerome
Franchises: PHI
given: Charles Carl
Franchises: CLE
given: George Henry
Franchises: SFG,LOU,PIT
given: Emil, nickname: Heinie,Ace
Franchises: LAD
given: William Frederick
Franchises: OAK
given: Henry Ward
Franchises: DET,MIN
given: Henry Alexander
Franchises: SFG
given: Herman Boyd
Franchises: NYY
given: Henry
Franchises: CIN,CLS
given: William Wade
Franchises: PHI,ATL
given: Walter Charles
Franchises: BAL
given: Henry Knox
Franchises: DET
given: Henry William
Franchises: OAK

Players who appeared or managed in Minor or Indy League Baseball, and not the major leagues.

given: Heinie
given: Heinie
given: Ernest
given: Henry Theodore
given: Heinie
given: Henry B.
Franchises: PIT
given: Heinie
given: Heinie
given: W. H.
given: William Henry
given: Henry Herman
given: Heinie
given: Heinie
given: Henry H.
given: Harry Louis
given: Heinie
given: Henry E.
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