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We list 35,000+ teams from Negro League, Japanese league, and minor league history. This list is not exhaustive and may be missing teams from certain leagues and years or with a small number of games played. We apologize for any omissions.

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Veracruz (129 tms)

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Taiwan (105 tms)

Venezuela (294 tms)

Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan Table
Year Lg Lev Tm W L W-L%
2016Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes5783.407
2015Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6180.433
2014Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes7761.558
2013Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6673.475
2012Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes5777.425
2011Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6968.504
2010Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6971.493
2009Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes5686.394
2007Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6277.446
2006Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes5281.391
2005Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOrix Buffaloes6270.470
2004Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6170.466
2003Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7464.536
2002Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7365.529
2001Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7860.565
2000Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5875.436
1999Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5477.412
1998Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6667.496
1997Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6863.519
1996Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6267.481
1995Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes4978.386
1994Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6859.535
1993Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6659.528
1992Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7450.597
1991Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7748.616
1990Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6760.528
1989Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7154.568
1988Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7452.587
1988Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5871.450
1987Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5269.430
1987Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5763.475
1986Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks4973.402
1986Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6652.559
1985Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6360.512
1985Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks4476.367
1984Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5365.449
1984Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5861.487
1983Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5269.430
1983Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5265.444
1982Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6357.525
1982Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5371.427
1981Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5365.449
1981Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5472.429
1980Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6854.557
1980Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks4877.384
1979Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7445.622
1979Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks4673.387
1978Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks4277.353
1978Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7146.607
1977Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5961.492
1977Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6355.534
1976Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5766.463
1976Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7156.559
1975Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5765.467
1975Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7150.587
1974Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5666.459
1974Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5955.518
1973Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6858.540
1973Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes4283.336
1972Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6460.516
1972Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6561.516
1971Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6560.520
1971Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6165.484
1970Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes6559.524
1970Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6957.548
1969Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5076.397
1969Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7351.589
1968Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5773.438
1968Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7951.608
1967Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5971.454
1967Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6466.492
1966Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes4882.369
1966Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7951.608
1965Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes4692.333
1965Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8849.642
1964Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8463.571
1964Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5591.377
1963Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8561.582
1963Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes7473.503
1962Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes5773.438
1962Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7357.562
1961Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8549.634
1961Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes36103.259
1960Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes4387.331
1960Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers6462.508
1960Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7852.600
1959Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8842.677
1959Japan Pacific LeagueForeignOsaka Kintetsu Buffaloes3991.300
1959Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers6259.512
1958Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7748.616
1958Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls2997.230
1958Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7258.554
1957Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls4482.349
1957Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7354.575
1957Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7853.595
1956Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7950.612
1956Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks9652.649
1956Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls6882.453
1955Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7157.555
1955Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls6080.429
1955Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks9941.707
1954Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks9149.650
1954Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls7463.540
1954Japan Central LeagueForeignTaiyo-Shochiku Robins3296.250
1954Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7157.555
1953Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7456.569
1953Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls4869.410
1953Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7148.597
1953Japan Central LeagueForeignTaiyo-Shochiku Robins5277.403
1952Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls3078.278
1952Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7644.633
1952Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7940.664
1951Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls3756.398
1951Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks7224.750
1951Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers6152.540
1950Japan Central LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7067.511
1950Japan Pacific LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6649.574
1950Japan Pacific LeagueForeignKintetsu Pearls4472.379
1949Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers6569.485
1949Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignTaiyo Robins5281.391
1949Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNankai Hawks6767.500
1948Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7066.515
1948Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNankai Hawks8749.640
1948Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignTaiyo Robins6174.452
1947Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNankai Hawks5955.518
1947Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers7937.681
1947Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignTaiyo Robins5064.439
1946Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers5946.562
1946Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignKinki Great Ring6538.631
1946Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu5152.495
1944Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignKinki Nippon1123.324
1944Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu1915.559
1943Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu3151.378
1943Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNakai2656.317
1942Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu4950.495
1942Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNakai4956.467
1941Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu5331.631
1941Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNakai4341.512
1940Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu6138.616
1940Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNakai2871.283
1939Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignNankai4050.444
1939Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignOsaka Tigers6330.677
1939Japanese Baseball LeagueForeignHankyu5836.617
1938Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignHankyu2117.553
1938Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignOsaka Tigers296.829
1938Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignNakai1126.297
1938Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignOsaka Tigers2713.675
1938Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignHankyu2113.618
1937Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignHankyu1729.370
1937Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignOsaka Tigers4114.745
1937Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignHankyu2826.519
1937Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignOsaka Tigers399.813
1936Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignHankyu
1936Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignOsaka Tigers246.800
1936Japanese Baseball League (Fall)ForeignHankyu1712.586
1936Japanese Baseball League (Spring)ForeignOsaka Tigers

About the Register Data

Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed from 24-7 Baseball and Chadwick Baseball Bureau. It incorporates the work of many stalwart baseball researchers, including Cliff Blau, Art Cantu, Frank Hamilton, Reed Howard, Kevin Johnson, Bob McConnell, Jack Morris, and Ray Nemec, as well as members of the Minor Leagues Committee of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Perhaps most importantly, it builds upon the seminal work of Ed Washuta, who magnanimously provided the framework to make the whole thing possible.

Minor league Total Zone (Rctch&Rtz, 2005-2009) data provided by and

About the Negro League Data


This data comes from two sources. 1) The Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group put together by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum thanks to a grant provided by Major League Baseball. 2) Gary Ashwill and his collaborators.

The Hall of Fame data is found for the years 1920-1948 and the Ashwill data is found from 1904-1919. Many statistics are incomplete due to ongoing research and/or limitations in published sources, so please be assured that we are aware there are issues with the data and will continue to work with our data providers to improve the data that appears here.

The Hall of Fame dataset

This data is constructed from the best available information as provided by Larry Lester, Wayne Stivers and Dick Clark of the Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group. It contains data culled from newspaper boxscores, covering league sanctioned games from 1920 to 1948, which was produced for a study sponsored by Major League Baseball and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. It reflects totals as compiled by the NLRAG up to 2006. As new credible information is continually unearthed, these numbers will continue to change.

Baseball-Reference and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum would like to acknowledge Major League Baseball for funding this study, along with the Negro Leagues Researchers and Authors Group for their extensive efforts to collect the raw data and construct the most comprehensive database of Negro Leagues Baseball statistics.  Under the direction of Larry Lester, Wayne Stivers and Dick Clark, this database is the largest dataset ever made publically available and we wish to express our gratitude for all their efforts to help rebuild this lost statistical history.

The Ashwill Negro Leagues Database

Playing statistics and biographical data on the Negro leagues (all pre-1920) and early Latin American professional baseball is licensed from and provided by the Negro Leagues Database, a project organized by Gary Ashwill with the participation of many historians of Negro league and Latin American baseball.

The database is a work in progress, and will include more seasons as development continues. It appears in its original form at

Playing statistics and biographical data for this portion of our dataset (The Negro Leagues Database) are all copyright 2013 by Gary Ashwill. All rights reserved.


Note that our records are missing thousands of players who played in the Negro Leagues for minor league teams, independent teams, barnstorming teams or even Negro major league teams. We will bring their records to light as soon as suitable records are available for those players.

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