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Aidan Mlachak, gn. Aidan
Elmer Mladek, gn. Elmer, played 1939
Ray Mladovich, gn. Raymond, b. 1932, played 1952
Richard Mlady, gn. Richard F., b. 1918, played 1940-1948
Trevor Mlait, gn. Trevor, b. 1996
Seth Mley, gn. Seth
Wesley Mleziva, gn. Wesley
Dave Mlicki, gn. David John, b. 1968, played 1990-2002
Doug Mlicki, gn. Douglas James, b. 1971, played 1992-1999
Steve Mlinarsek, gn. Steve A., b. 1920, played 1938-1947
Kevin Mlodik, gn. Kevin James, b. 1974, played 1995-1999
Mike Mlotkowski, gn. Michael J., b. 1981, played 2005-2006
George Mlyczek, gn. George A., b. 1922, d. 1999, played 1946-1948
Anthony Mlynarek, gn. Anthony L., b. 1926, played 1946-1951
Lawrence Mlynarek, gn. Lawrence R., b. 1930, played 1949-1954
Thomas Mlynarek, gn. Thomas, played 1947

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