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Hector Azamar, gn. Hector (Martinez), b. 1930, played 1948-1957
Anthony Azar, gn. Anthony
Shadi Azar, gn. Shadi
Todd Azar, gn. Todd R., b. 1965, played 1987-1988
Geremi Azcarate, gn. Geremi Abraham (Morales), b. 1997, played 2015
Azcarraga, played 1914
Ernesto Azcarraga, gn. Ernesto, b. 1949, played 1969
Gildardo Azcarraga, gn. Gildardo, played 1971-1973
Mariano Azcarraga, gn. Mariano, played 1964
Paz Azcarraga, gn. Paz, played 1975
Francis Azcona, gn. Francis (Ogando), b. 1995, played 2013-2017
Javier Azcona, gn. Javier Antonio, b. 1991, played 2009-2013
Manuel Azcona, gn. Manuel Antonio (Carty), b. 1963, played 1981-1984
Joe Azcue, gn. Jose Joaquin (Lopez), b. 1939, played 1956-1973
J.P. Azcui, gn. J. P., played 1955
Octavio Azcuy, gn. Octavio (Rodriguez), b. 1990, played 2014
Alex Azeredo, gn. Alex
Azevedo, played 1934
Larry Azevedo, gn. Larry D., b. 1947, played 1966
William Azevedo, gn. William B., b. 1923, played 1946
Thomas Azinger, gn. Thomas M., played 1953
B. Azios, gn. B., played 1941
Robert Aziz, gn. Robert, played 1995
Jose Azocar, gn. Jose Enrique (Perez), b. 1996, played 2013-2017
Luis Azocar, gn. Luis, played 2010
Luis Azocar, gn. Luis Enrique, b. 1986, played 2006-2009
Oscar Azocar, gn. Oscar Gregorio (Azocar), b. 1965, d. 2010, played 1984-2001
Alex Azor, gn. Alex, b. 1988, played 2012
Jose Azor, gn. Jose Miguel (Kery), b. 1988, played 2008-2013
Alberto Azoy, gn. Alberto, d. 1952
Justo Azpiazu, gn. Justo, b. 1922, played 1948-1953
Jesus Azuaije, gn. Jesus, played 2004
Franklin Azuaje, gn. Franklin Gabriel (Pinango), b. 1995, played 2013-2015
Jesus Azuaje, gn. Jesus, b. 1997, played 2017
Jesus Azuaje, gn. Jesus Rafael, b. 1973, played 1993-2006
Jheyser Azuaje, gn. Jheyser Lenin (Tovar), b. 1997, played 2014-2017
Shinya Azuhata, gn. Shinya, b. 1988
Hiroaki Azuma, gn. Hiroaki, b. 1992
Kazumasa Azuma, gn. Kazumasa, b. 1982, played 2001-2006
Minoru Azuma, gn. Minoru, b. 1934, played 1957-1960
Satoyuki Azuma, gn. Satoyuki, b. 1935, played 1960-1962
Tetsuya Azuma, gn. Tetsuya, b. 1965, played 1987
Kotaro Azuse, gn. Kotaro, b. 1967, played 1990-2000
Frank Azzarello, gn. Frank J., b. 1927, played 1947-1950
Frank Azzarito, gn. Frank J., b. 1934, played 1957
Justin Azze, gn. Justin Taylor, b. 1982, played 2003-2004
John Azzoli, gn. John F.
Mike Azzone, gn. Michael A., b. 1921, played 1946-1950
Andrew Azzopardi, gn. Andrew, b. 1984, played 2013
Derek Azzopardi, gn. Derek

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