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Max Afanesko, gn. Max, b. 1923, d. 2012, played 1942
Audie Afenir, gn. Austin C., b. 1992, played 2015-2017
Buck Afenir, gn. Buck, b. 1987, played 2009-2010
Joven Afenir, gn. Joven, b. 1994
Tom Afenir, gn. Steven Thomas, b. 1971, played 1995-1996
Troy Afenir, gn. Michael Troy, b. 1963, played 1983-1993
Ty Afenir, gn. Ty N., b. 1991, played 2013
Jeremy Affeldt, gn. Jeremy David, b. 1979, played 1997-2015
Chris Affinito, gn. Christopher Mathew, b. 1987, played 2009-2011
John Affinito, gn. John J., b. 1955, played 1974
Zane Affleck, gn. Zane
Justin Afflerbach, gn. Justin
Michael Affronti, gn. Michael Louis, b. 1984, played 2006-2010
Khalid Afify, gn. Khalid, b. 1985, played 2008-2009
Buddy Afremow, gn. Thomas F., b. 1925, d. 2006, played 1947-1949

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