Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
187136BostonNAMLBBOS1 of 1312010.667
187237BostonNAMLBBOS1 of 148398.830
187338BostonNAMLBBOS1 of 1604316.729
187439BostonNAMLBBOS1 of 1715218.743
187540BostonNAMLBBOS1 of 182718.899
187641BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1703931.557
187742BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1614218.700
187843BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1604119.683
187944BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1845430.643
188045BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1864044.476
188146BostonNLMLBBSN1 of 1833845.458
188247ProvidenceNLMLBPRO1 of 1845232.619
188348ProvidenceNLMLBPRO1 of 1985939.602
188449PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11133973.348
188550PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11115654.509
188651PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11197143.623
188752PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11287548.610
188853PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11326961.531
188954PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11306364.496
189055PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11337854.591
189156PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11386869.496
189257PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11558766.569
189358PhiladelphiaNLMLBPHI1 of 11337257.558
23 Seasons22101268907.583

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Chadwick ID: eb17c14e

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