Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
190926St. PaulBLKN/A1 of 113112.846
191128St. LouisBLKNon1 of 1432617.605
191330St. LouisBLKN/A1 of 1642.667
191431New York Lincoln GiantsBLKNon1 of 1321714.548
191532St. LouisBLKNon1 of 11899.500
191633St. LouisBLKNon1 of 1441824.429
191936St. LouisBLKNon1 of 116610.375
192037St. LouisNNLMajSLG1 of 1723240.444
192138St. LouisNNLMajSLG1 of 1804732.595
192441St. LouisBLKNon1 of 1935.375
10 Seasons333173155.527
Non (6 seasons)1627979.500
N/A (2 seasons)19154.789
Maj (2 seasons)1527972.523

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