Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
2005--Sioux FallsNORLInd1 of 1953560.368
2006--Sioux FallsAAInd1 of 1963462.354
2007--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1964947.510
2008--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1965838.604
2009--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1965640.583
2010--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1966432.667
2011--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1955838.604
2012--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1945539.585
2013--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1965046.521
2014--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1966036.625
2015--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1966135.635
2016--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1966333.656
2017--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1953857.400
2018--Southern IllinoisFRONInd1 of 1954847.505
14 Seasons1338729610.544

Chadwick ID: 6890d20a

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