Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
196841HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11346862.523
196942HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11305670.444
197043HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306260.508
197144HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306361.508
197245HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 2471629.356
197851Crown LighterJPPLFgn1 of 11305167.432
197952SeibuJPPLFgn1 of 11304573.381
198053SeibuJPPLFgn1 of 11306264.492
198154SeibuJPPLFgn1 of 11306161.500
199366DaieiJPPLFgn1 of 11304580.360
199467DaieiJPPLFgn1 of 11306960.535
11 Seasons1351598687.465

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