Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
189926BaltimoreNLMajBLN1 of 11528661.585
190128BaltimoreALMajBLA1 of 11356863.519
190229New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 3652538.397
190229BaltimoreALMajBLA1 of 2372017.541
190330New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11428455.604
190431New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 115810646.697
190532New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 115510547.691
190633New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11539655.636
190734New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21548270.539
190835New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11579856.636
190936New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11589161.599
191037New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11559163.591
191138New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11549954.647
191138New YorkCMLSFgn1 of 1
191239New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 115410348.682
191340New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 115610151.664
191441New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11568470.545
191542New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11556983.454
191643New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11558666.566
191744New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11589856.636
191845New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11247153.573
191946New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11408753.621
192047New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11558668.558
192148New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11539459.614
192249New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11569361.604
192350New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11539558.621
192451New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21106248.564
192552New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21206555.542
192653New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21386969.500
192754New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21227052.574
192855New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 21116942.622
192956New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11528467.556
193057New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11548767.565
193158New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 11538765.572
193259New YorkNLMajNYG1 of 2401723.425
33 Seasons469027281900.589
Maj (33 seasons)469027281900.589
Fgn (1 season)

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