Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
189926BaltimoreNLMLBBLN1 of 11527671.517
190128BaltimoreALMLBBLA1 of 11356269.473
190229New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 3652637.413
190229BaltimoreALMLBBLA1 of 2582433.421
190330New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11427960.568
190431New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 115810052.658
190532New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11559953.651
190633New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11529358.616
190734New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 21548369.546
190835New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11579559.617
190936New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11588567.559
191037New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11558371.539
191138New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11548766.569
191138New YorkCMLSFgn1 of 1
191138New YorkCMLSFgn1 of 1
191239New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11549061.596
191340New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11569161.599
191441New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11567777.500
191542New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11556884.447
191643New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11558270.539
191744New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11589658.623
191845New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11247450.597
191946New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11408357.593
192047New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11558272.532
192148New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11538766.569
192249New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11568272.532
192350New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11538271.536
192451New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 21105258.473
192552New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 21206555.542
192653New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11516883.450
192754New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 21226953.566
192855New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11558371.539
192956New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11527081.464
193057New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11547876.506
193158New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 11538468.553
193259New YorkNLMLBNYG1 of 2401426.350
33 Seasons476725692135.546
MLB (33 seasons)476725692135.546
Fgn (1 season)

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