Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
196537PocatelloPIONRkLAD1 of 1663333.500
196638OgdenPIONRkLAD1 of 1663927.591
196739OgdenPIONRkLAD1 of 1664125.621
196840DodgersAZILWRkLAD1 of 1462521.543
196840OgdenPIONRkLAD1 of 1643925.609
196941DodgersAZILWRkLAD1 of 1482124.467
196941SpokanePCLAAALAD1 of 11457173.493
197042SpokanePCLAAALAD1 of 11469452.644
197143SpokanePCLAAALAD1 of 11456976.476
197244AlbuquerquePCLAAALAD1 of 11499256.622
197648Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 2422.500
197749Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11629369.574
197850Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11629468.580
197951Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628181.500
198052Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11639370.571
198153Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11106149.555
198254Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628775.537
198355Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11638676.531
198456Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628379.512
198557Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11629765.599
198658Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11627785.475
198759Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11627686.469
198860Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 21628972.553
198961Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11607783.481
199062Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628181.500
199163Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628874.543
199264Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11626894.420
199365Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11628280.506
199466Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11145856.509
199567Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 11447866.542
199668Los AngelesNLMLBLAD1 of 2763937.513
29 Seasons398121141860.532
MLB (21 seasons)304015901448.523
Rk (4 seasons)262152110.580
AAA (4 seasons)585326257.559
WRk (2 seasons)944645.505

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