Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
200434Tri-CityNYPLA-HOU1 of 1755025.667
200535Tri-CityNYPLA-HOU1 of 1763442.447
200636Tri-CityNYPLA-HOU1 of 1744331.581
200737LexingtonSALLAHOU1 of 11405981.421
200838LexingtonSALLAHOU1 of 11384593.326
200939Traverse CityFRONInd1 of 1954253.442
201040Traverse CityFRONInd1 of 1965541.573
201141Traverse CityFRONInd1 of 1965145.531
201242Traverse CityFRONInd1 of 1966432.667
201343Traverse CityFRONInd1 of 1965541.573
201646WashingtonFRONInd1 of 1954649.484
201747WashingtonFRONInd1 of 1965343.552
201848WashingtonFRONInd1 of 1955442.563
13 Seasons1268651618.513
Ind (8 seasons)765420346.548
A- (3 seasons)22512798.564
A (2 seasons)278104174.374

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Chadwick ID: 27b93278

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