Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
196741ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 21082.800
198155ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11305865.472
198256ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11306447.577
198357ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11305469.439
198559TaiyoJPCLFgn1 of 11305761.483
198660TaiyoJPCLFgn1 of 11305669.448
198963Nippon HamJPPLFgn1 of 11305473.425
199064Nippon HamJPPLFgn1 of 11306663.512
199165Nippon HamJPPLFgn1 of 11305372.424
9 Seasons1050470521.474

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