Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
197539HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 31116338.624
197640HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306158.513
197741HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11305167.432
197842HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306250.554
197943HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306750.573
198044HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11307344.624
198145HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306754.554
198246HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11305958.504
198347HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306555.542
198448HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11307545.625
198549HiroshimaJPCLFgn1 of 11306857.544
198751TaiyoJPCLFgn1 of 11305668.452
198852TaiyoJPCLFgn1 of 11305967.468
198953TaiyoJPCLFgn1 of 11304780.370
14 Seasons1801873791.525

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