Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
198740ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11306851.571
198841ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11307946.632
198942ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11306859.535
199043ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11316268.477
199144ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11317159.546
199649ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11307258.554
199750ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11365976.437
199851ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11367560.556
199952ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11358154.600
200053ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 21326963.523
200154ChunichiJPCLFgn1 of 11406274.456
200255HanshinJPCLFgn1 of 11406670.485
200356HanshinJPCLFgn1 of 11408751.630
201164RakutenJPPLFgn1 of 11446671.482
201265RakutenJPPLFgn1 of 11446767.500
201366RakutenJPPLFgn1 of 11448259.582
201467RakutenJPPLFgn1 of 11446480.444
17 Seasons231711981066.529

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