Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
198228WausauMIDWASEA1 of 11395584.396
198329WausauMIDWASEA1 of 11385583.399
198430SalinasCALLASEA1 of 11406674.471
198531SalinasCALLASEA1 of 11448955.618
198632ChattanoogaSOULAASEA1 of 11436478.451
198733FresnoCALLASFG1 of 11438063.559
6 Seasons847409437.483
A (5 seasons)704345359.490
AA (1 season)1436478.451

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Chadwick ID: 06bfefcf

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