Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
191233Chicago GiantsBLKN/A1 of 11459.357
191334Chicago GiantsBLKN/A1 of 1752.714
191435Chicago GiantsBLKNon1 of 113310.231
191536Chicago GiantsBLKNon1 of 1817.125
191637Chicago GiantsBLKNon1 of 1303.000
191738Chicago GiantsBLKNon1 of 1514.200
191940Chicago GiantsBLKNon1 of 1404.000
192041Chicago GiantsNNLMajCOG1 of 142636.143
192142Chicago GiantsNNLMajCOG1 of 1541239.235
9 Seasons15033114.224
Non (5 seasons)33528.152
N/A (2 seasons)211011.476
Maj (2 seasons)961875.194

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