Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
200540New YorkALMajNYY1 of 2101.000
200641FloridaNLMajFLA1 of 21617784.478
200843New YorkALMajNYY1 of 21598871.553
200944New YorkALMajNYY1 of 116210359.636
201045New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11629567.586
201146New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11629765.599
201247New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11629567.586
201348New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11628577.525
201449New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11628478.519
201550New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11628775.537
201651New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11628478.519
201752New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11629171.562
202055PhiladelphiaNLMajPHI1 of 1602832.467
202156PhiladelphiaNLMajPHI1 of 11628280.506
202257PhiladelphiaNLMajPHI1 of 2512229.431
15 Seasons20521118934.545

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