Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
198830KenoshaMIDWAMIN1 of 11408159.579
198931OrlandoSOULAAMIN1 of 11457965.549
199032OrlandoSOULAAMIN1 of 11448559.590
200244MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 21569165.583
200345MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11629072.556
200446MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11629270.568
200547MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11628379.512
200648MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 21589464.595
200749MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 21617982.491
200850MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 21568373.532
200951MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11638776.534
201052MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11629468.580
201153MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11626399.389
201254MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11626696.407
201355MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 11626696.407
201456MinnesotaALMajMIN1 of 21606892.425
201860DetroitALMajDET1 of 11626498.395
201961DetroitALMajDET1 of 116147114.292
202062DetroitALMajDET1 of 2482028.417
19 Seasons288814321455.496
Maj (16 seasons)245911871272.483
AA (2 seasons)289164124.569
A (1 season)1408159.579

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