Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
191235ProvidenceILAA1 of 2
191336ProvidenceILAA1 of 11526980.463
191437ProvidenceILAA1 of 11559559.617
191538New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11546983.454
191639New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11568074.519
191740New YorkALMajNYY1 of 11557182.464
191942Jersey CityILAA1 of 11495693.376
192043Jersey CityILAA1 of 11536291.405
192144PhiladelphiaNLMajPHI1 of 2872562.287
192245New HavenELA1 of 1
192346New HavenELA1 of 1
11 Seasons1161527624.458
AA (5 seasons)609282323.466
Maj (4 seasons)552245301.449
A (2 seasons)

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Chadwick ID: 55c38ae8