Year Age Tm Lg Lev Aff G W L W-L%
201028Yankees 2DOSLFRkNYY1 of 1722844.389
201129Yankees 2DOSLFRkNYY1 of 1532.600
201230Yankees 1DOSLFRkNYY1 of 1704921.700
201432Yankees 1DOSLFRkNYY1 of 1704128.594
201634Yankees EastGULFRkNYY1 of 1561936.345
202341SomersetELAANYY1 of 11378453.613
202442SomersetELAANYY1 of 1874344.494
7 Seasons497267228.539
FRk (4 seasons)21712195.560
AA (2 seasons)22412797.567
Rk (1 season)561936.345

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