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Team Record in Appearances: 26-35 / in Starts: 1-0

Days of Rest

Inning/Score Appearance Matrix

Multiple inning appearances: 22,    Entered with runners on base: 17

2014 Pitching Game Log

2014 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
16592Mar 23LAD@ARIW,7-57-8990.2211200013.5061894004300200004000000.16-0.010.18-0.01%-1.28 7b 12- 2 out a7 8b 1-3 1 out a6
26605Apr 2LAD@SDPW,5-17-7H(1)90.210001006.753961202200000003000000.530.020.650.02%0.21 7b --- 1 out a3 7b 3 out a3
36616Apr 4LADSFGL,4-89-GF11.000000003.8631472130000000003000000. 9t --- 0 out d4 9t end d 4
46627Apr 5LADSFGL,2-79-GF00.100000003.381220001000200001000000. 9t 12- 2 out d5 9t end d 5
566310Apr 9LADDETL,6-77-731.011012002.45521152302100000003001010.75-0.058.77-0.04%-0.58 7t --- 0 out d2 7t 3 out d3
666411Apr 11LAD@ARIW,6-08-GF12.000013001.59625176411000000005000100. 8b --- 0 out a6 9b end a 6
766513Apr 13LAD@ARIW,8-67-711.032212104.057261644131101100060000001.07-0.0751.29-0.05%-2.18 7b 1-- 0 out a5 7b 3 out a2
866614Apr 15LAD@SFGL,2-310-1112.030010003.129321814531100000070001003.570.2414.910.20%0.8410b --- 0 out tie11b 3 out tie
966717Apr 18LADARIL,2-47-721.010001002.79416124230000000004000000.690.047.830.03%0.42 7t --- 0 out d1 7t 3 out d1
1066819Apr 20LADARIW,4-16-7W(1-0)11.011111003.38518136021100000004000000.89-0.0011.070.00%-0.54 6t --- 0 out tie 7t 12- 0 out a4
1166923Apr 24LADPHIL,3-79-GF30.210010003.1841360112110320003000000.26-0.024.30-0.02%-0.52 9t 123 1 out d2 9t end d 4
1267024Apr 25LADCOLL,4-510-11L(1-1)01.111101003.555101031133000000051000001.780.0592.350.05%0.2310t --- 0 out tie11t -2- 1 out tie
1367126Apr 27LADCOLL,1-69-GF11.010000003.2941291222100000004100000. 9t --- 0 out d5 9t end d 5
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
1467229May 1(2)LAD@MINW,4-39-11W(2-1)33.010012002.70114831777100000000100000002.140.3962.460.27%1.42 9b --- 0 out tie11b 3 out tie
1567332May 4LAD@MIAL,4-58-GFL(2-2)21.221101002.957181340331000000061000002.04-0.3482.36-0.24%-0.42 8b --- 0 out d1 9b end d 1
1667434May 6LAD@WSNW,8-38-8H(2)10.100000002.8913210100003000010000001.000.0271.120.02%0.74 8b 123 2 out a5 8b 3 out a5
1767536May 8LADSFGL,1-310-GF(10)10.211120003.26519911210001100020000103.11-0.4224.11-0.33%-1.5410t 1-- 1 out tie10t end d 2
1867639May 11LADSFGL,4-79-921.000011013.1051782020000000002000000.380.013.490.01%0.42 9t --- 0 out d2 9t 3 out d2
1967741May 13LADMIAW,7-19-GF11.010001002.95430204221010000004000000. 9t --- 0 out a6 9t end a 6
2067842May 14LADMIAL,3-138-801.000000002.823962121010000003000000. 8t --- 0 out d11 8t 3 out d11
2167944May 17LAD@ARIL,7-182-422.152210103.28123924901010002110011000100.17-0.031.18-0.02%-1.63 2b 1-3 2 out d6 4b 3 out d7
2268048May 22LAD@NYML,3-56-641.000001003.1631071420000000003000000.310.023.360.02%0.42 6b --- 0 out d2 6b 3 out d2
2368155May 29LADPITL,3-69-GF61.000000003.0431062012000000003000000. 9t --- 0 out d3 9t end d 3
2468257May 31LADPITW,12-27-GFS(1)13.010002002.73103926102532000000010000000. 7t --- 0 out a10 9t end a10
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
2568361Jun 4LADCHWL,1-29-GF31.000000002.643971030000000003000000.410.030.420.02%0.42 9t --- 0 out d1 9t end d 1
2668466Jun 10LAD@CINW,6-19-GF51.010000002.56415103040000000004000000. 9b --- 0 out a5 9b end a 5
2768571Jun 15LADARIL,3-69-GF40.200000002.512541120000300002000000. 9t 123 1 out d4 9t end d 4
2868672Jun 16LADCOLW,6-19-GF01.000000002.433973021000000003000000. 9t --- 0 out a5 9t end a 5
2968778Jun 23LAD@KCRL,3-56-761.100000002.34415123122100101004000000. 6b 1-- 2 out d5 7b 3 out d5
3068880Jun 25LAD@KCRW,5-45-7W(3-2)12.220004002.17103423352422021000100000002.000.1272.830.11%0.86 5b 12- 1 out a1 7b 3 out tie
3168984Jun 29LADSTLW,6-09-GF31.000000002.1141391040000000004000001. 9t --- 0 out a6 9t end a 6
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
3269086Jul 1LADCLEL,3-106-611.022213002.52625134502100000005200000.61-0.119.86-0.10%-1.58 6t --- 0 out d2 6t 3 out d4
3369189Jul 4LAD@COLW,9-09-GF21.000011002.4531493010000000002000100. 9b --- 0 out a9 9b end a 9
3469290Jul 5LAD@COLL,7-86-600.210000002.412541020000110002000100.14- 6b --3 1 out d5 6b 3 out d6
3569392Jul 8LAD@DETL,5-143-420.244421003.24832145214300210005000010.88-0.1871.26-0.16%-4.67 3b 1-3 1 out d1 4b 123 0 out d5
3669495Jul 11LADSDPL,3-66-722.022212003.50927185442100000008001000.51-0.068.77-0.06%-1.15 6t --- 0 out d3 7t 3 out d5
37695102Jul 22LAD@PITL,7-126-7102.022211023.7411311712521002200070000001.39-0.2342.23-0.23%-2.16 6b 12- 0 out tie 7b 3 out d2
38696103Jul 23LAD@PITL,1-66-601.020000003.6641593013300000004000100.190.007.320.01%0.44 6b --- 0 out d4 6b 3 out d4
39697107Jul 29LADATLW,8-45-651.200002003.54519133221000100005000000.940.1181.440.11%1.04 5t -2- 1 out d2 6t 3 out tie
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
40698110Aug 1LADCHCL,2-89-GF21.000002003.47315112401100000003000000. 9t --- 0 out d6 9t end d 6
41699111Aug 2LADCHCW,5-211-GF(12)W(4-2)02.020012003.339311862241200000080000002.680.2433.430.19%0.8511t --- 0 out tie12t end tie
42700116Aug 7LAD@LAAW,7-08-841.000000003.27317124130000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out a6 8b 3 out a6
43701117Aug 8LAD@MILL,3-97-7H(3)00.100000003.2513210011000000010000001.910.0472.400.04%0.22 7b --- 0 out a1 7b --- 1 out a1
44702120Aug 11LAD@ATLW,6-28-821.000003003.1931594300000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out a5 8b 3 out a5
45703122Aug 13LAD@ATLL,2-36-GF(8)12.120003003.05929198333200101009000000.840.082.650.04%1.07 6b 1-- 2 out d1 8b end d 1
46704124Aug 15LADMILL,3-68-8BL(4-3)10.145510003.83615720233000000051010002.63-0.5732.20-0.29%-3.05 8t --- 0 out a2 8t 123 1 out tie
47705127Aug 19LADSDPW,8-66-7H(4)31.220002003.727211562321000000070000001.460.0901.940.07%0.65 6t --- 0 out a2 7t 1-- 2 out a2
48706130Aug 22LADNYMW,6-29-GF21.021100003.8141384031000000003000110.400.005.510.00%-0.58 9t --- 0 out a5 9t end a 4
49707132Aug 24LADNYML,3-119-GF11.011100103.90414104122010000004000000. 9t --- 0 out d7 9t end d 8
50708133Aug 26LAD@ARIW,9-58-810.200000003.862441120000200002000000.570.027.580.02%0.86 8b 12- 1 out a5 8b 3 out a5
51709135Aug 29LAD@SDPL,2-37-821.100011003.77515930300000000030000001.20-0.0181.09-0.01%0.21 7b --- 0 out d1 8b -2- 1 out tie
52710136Aug 30LAD@SDPL,1-210-GF(10)L(4-4)00.121101003.90311730111000010030000002.87-0.3833.36-0.27%-1.0410b --- 0 out tie10b end d 1
Sept Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
53711138Sep 1LADWSNL,4-66-611.010001003.84417122321000000004000000.430.019.580.02%0.42 6t --- 0 out d3 6t 3 out d3
54712140Sep 3LADWSNL,5-811-1111.000010013.785171020300000000020000003.700.1214.500.09%0.4211t --- 0 out tie11t 3 out tie
55713142Sep 6LADARIW,5-27-820.110000003.76210611111001000020000001.63-0.0312.05-0.02%-0.17 7t 1-- 2 out tie 8t 1-- 0 out tie
56714145Sep 9LADSDPL,3-68-820.121110003.88421123212200000002101010.26-0.033.24-0.02%-1.40 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 12- 1 out d4
57715150Sep 15LAD@COLW,11-35-5BW(5-4)51.021100003.955161040142100000050000001.40-0.0851.30-0.05%-0.49 5b --- 0 out a1 5b 3 out tie
58716151Sep 16LAD@COLL,4-108-800.023310004.3631042002200000002110000.02- 8b --- 0 out d5 8b --3 0 out d7
59717154Sep 19LAD@CHCW,14-56-621.010002004.30412115111000000004000000. 6b --- 0 out a11 6b 3 out a11
60718156Sep 21LAD@CHCW,8-5GS-212.031123004.30114629114422004700090000001.16-0.010.850.00%-0.10 1b start a 2 2b 3 out a1
61719161Sep 27LADCOLW,6-56-7H(5)51.131101004.357181743510000000070000001.410.008.040.00%-0.37 6t --- 0 out a3 7t --- 1 out a2

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