Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1909 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1909 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 13PHABOSL,2-4GS0 31040
23Apr 16PHANYYL,0-1CG09.0840120
35 (1)Apr 19PHANYYL,2-4CG09.043070
47 (1)Apr 22PHA@BOSW,1-0CG09.033060
58Apr 24PHA@BOSW,4-1CG09.0740110
69Apr 26PHA@WSHW,3-1CG09.0820100
710Apr 28PHA@WSHL,2-3CG09.070070
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
812 (1)May 4PHA@NYYL,3-11GS0 41051
913May 5PHAWSHL,3-4CG09.052180
1014May 6PHAWSHW,2-1CG09.050050
1115May 7PHAWSHW,1-0CG09.053190
1216May 8PHAWSHW,1-0CG09.060060
1317May 10PHA@SLBW,5-1CG09.0820100
1418May 11PHA@SLBL,0-3CG08.036090
1519May 12PHA@SLBW,1-0CG09.041050
1620May 15PHA@CHWW,3-2CG09.030030
1721May 16PHA@CHWW,1-0CG013.050050
1822May 17PHA@CHWW,1-0CG012.0931130
1924 (1)May 19PHA@DETW,10-2CG09.063090
2025May 20PHA@DETL,3-5GS0 10010
2126May 21PHA@DETW,8-4CG09.071080
2227May 22PHA@DETW,7-1CG09.042060
2329 (1)May 25PHA@CLEW,13-2CG09.080080
2430May 26PHA@CLEL,2-3CG08.160060
2532 (1)May 29 (1)PHABOSW,6-2CG09.01210130
2633May 29 (2)PHABOSW,4-2CG09.080080
2734May 31 (1)PHABOSL,2-3CG09.051060
2835May 31 (2)PHABOSL,1-2CG09.061070
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2936Jun 1 (1)PHABOSW,1-0CG011.0911110
3037Jun 1 (2)PHABOSL,0-1CG09.042060
3139 (1)Jun 3PHACHWL,6-9GS0 44080
3240Jun 7PHACLEL,1-3GS0 21030
3342 (1)Jun 11PHASLBW,2-1CG011.0830110
3443Jun 12PHASLBW,4-1CG09.01000100
3545 (1)Jun 15PHASLBW,3-1GS0 01010
3646Jun 16PHADETW,5-4CG09.062080
3747Jun 17PHADETL,1-4CG09.050050
3848Jun 18PHADETW,3-1CG09.051060
3950 (1)Jun 21 (1)PHA@BOSL,5-6CG08.062190
4052 (1)Jun 22PHAWSHW,6-1CG09.022040
4153Jun 23PHAWSHW,3-0CG09.080080
4254Jun 24PHANYYW,5-3CG09.040040
4355Jun 25PHANYYL,2-12GS0 31040
4456Jun 26 (1)PHANYYW,3-0CG09.0730100
4558 (1)Jun 28PHANYYL,1-2CG09.032050
4659Jun 29PHA@BOSW,9-0CG09.050050
4760Jun 30 (1)PHA@BOSW,8-4CG09.050050
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4862 (1)Jul 1PHA@BOSL,1-3CG08.032050
4963Jul 2PHA@BOSW,1-0CG09.01201130
5065 (1)Jul 3 (2)PHA@NYYW,7-0CG09.080080
5166Jul 5 (1)PHA@NYYW,7-2CG09.061180
5267Jul 5 (2)PHA@NYYW,4-3CG09.061070
5369 (1)Jul 8PHA@DETW,3-1CG09.051060
5470Jul 9PHA@DETW,2-0CG09.072090
5571Jul 10PHA@DETL,5-9GS0 41050
5672Jul 11PHA@DETW,7-1CG09.051170
5774 (1)Jul 14PHA@CLEL,3-4CG011.151060
5875Jul 15PHA@CLEL,5-6CG08.071080
5977 (1)Jul 17 (1)PHA@SLBL,0-2CG08.071081
6079 (1)Jul 18PHA@SLBL,4-5CG010.081090
6180Jul 19PHA@SLBW,4-3CG09.0940131
6282 (1)Jul 22PHA@CHWL,3-4CG08.040041
6383Jul 23PHA@CHWL,0-3GS0 02020
6487 (3)Jul 27 (2)PHA@WSHW,5-2CG09.051060
6588Jul 28 (1)PHA@WSHW,7-1GF0 40150
6689Jul 28 (2)PHA@WSHW,6-0CG09.090090
6790Jul 29 (1)PHACLEW,2-1CG09.051060
6891Jul 29 (2)PHACLEW,9-4CG09.042060
6992Jul 30PHACLEW,7-1GS0 00000
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
70116 (23)Aug 26PHA@DETL,0-6GF0 41160
71118 (1)Aug 28PHA@SLBW,4-0CG09.072090
72119Aug 29PHA@SLBW,5-2CG09.01030130
73120Aug 30PHA@CHWW,5-0CG09.060060
74121Aug 31PHA@CHWL,0-2GF0 10010
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
75122Sep 1PHA@CHWL,2-6CG07.053081
76123Sep 3PHA@WSHW,10-3CG09.052070
77124Sep 4PHA@WSHW,2-0CG09.01000100
78125Sep 6 (1)PHAWSHW,8-2CG09.062080
79126Sep 6 (2)PHAWSHW,6-5GS0 62080
80128 (1)Sep 8PHANYYW,8-6GS0 1010110
81131 (2)Sep 11 (2)PHABOSL,0-1CG09.071080
82133 (1)Sep 14 (1)PHA@NYYW,5-4CG09.061070
83136 (2)Sep 16PHADETW,2-1CG09.071080
84137Sep 17PHADETL,3-5CG09.01010110

1909 Fielding Game Log (as C)