Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1958 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

1958 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
123 (22)May 18 (1)NYY@WSHW,5-2GS308.010010RF
224May 18 (2)NYY@WSHW,3-0GS308.020020RF
329 (4)May 24NYY@DETL,2-3GS368.030030LF RF
430May 25 (1)NYY@CLEW,6-1CG379.030030LF
531May 25 (2)NYY@CLEW,6-3GS205.020020LF
634 (2)May 30 (1)NYYWSHL,8-13GF316.000000PH RF
735May 30 (2)NYYWSHL,2-7GF92.010010PH RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
838 (2)Jun 2NYYCHWW,3-0CG369.000000LF
939Jun 3NYYCHWW,13-0GS339.000000LF RF
1041 (1)Jun 5 (1)NYYCHWW,12-5GF92.000000PH RF
1142Jun 5 (2)NYYCHWL,2-3CG419.030030RF
1243Jun 6NYYCLEW,6-5GS338.010010LF
1345 (1)Jun 8 (1)NYYCLEL,1-14GF123.020020LF
1448 (2)Jun 11 (2)NYYKCAW,2-1CG349.040040RF
1550 (1)Jun 12 (2)NYYKCAW,3-2GF31.000000LF
Player went from New York Yankees to Kansas City Athletics
1657Jun 17KCABALL,1-4CG369.013101411B
1758Jun 18KCABALL,3-5CG429.0600611B
1859Jun 19KCABALL,2-4CG379.09201111B
1961 (1)Jun 21KCABOSW,8-5CG09.000001
2062Jun 22KCABOSW,2-1CG359.011101221B
2163Jun 23KCAWSHW,7-2CG369.09201121B
2264Jun 24KCAWSHT,2-2CG348.0401521B
2365Jun 25KCAWSHW,4-3CG389.0720921B
2466Jun 26KCAWSHW,8-6CG4912.014001431B
2567Jun 27KCANYYL,3-10CG429.014001411B
2668Jun 28KCANYYL,0-8CG409.0700701B
2769Jun 29KCANYYW,12-6CG439.0710801B
2870Jun 30KCA@DETL,6-7CG398.1611801B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2971Jul 1KCA@DETW,5-1CG349.010001001B
3072Jul 2KCA@DETL,0-5CG368.0800811B
3173Jul 3KCA@CHWL,2-7CG408.040040LF
3274Jul 4 (1)KCA@CHWW,6-5GS328.030030LF
3375Jul 4 (2)KCA@CHWW,4-3GS357.030030LF
3476Jul 5KCA@CLEL,2-8CG378.011020LF
3578 (1)Jul 10 (1)KCA@BALL,3-6CG388.0501621B
3680 (1)Jul 13 (1)KCA@WSHL,0-2CG318.013001301B
3782 (1)Jul 14KCA@WSHW,4-0CG339.015001511B
3883Jul 15KCA@BOSL,2-5CG368.011001111B
3985 (1)Jul 17KCA@BOSL,2-6CG368.012101301B
4086Jul 18KCA@NYYW,2-1GS308.0900911B
4187Jul 19KCA@NYYW,6-4GS307.0500501B
4288Jul 20 (1)KCA@NYYL,1-3CG409.0810921B
4389Jul 20 (2)KCA@NYYL,0-8CG418.0410501B
4490Jul 22KCABOSW,4-3CG369.016001621B
4591Jul 23KCABOSW,3-1CG349.010101111B
4692Jul 25KCABALL,3-8CG399.011001111B
4793Jul 26KCABALL,3-4CG369.09101021B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
48101 (7)Aug 3 (1)KCAWSHW,12-0GF72.0100101B
49107 (5)Aug 10 (1)KCA@CLEL,2-11CG418.0500511B
50109 (1)Aug 11KCA@DETL,2-3GF31.000000PH RF
51111 (1)Aug 13 (1)KCA@CHWW,2-1CG4711.010101101B
52112Aug 13 (2)KCA@CHWL,5-6CG418.213001331B
53113Aug 14KCA@CHWL,2-5CG388.012101311B
54114Aug 15KCADETW,12-5CG409.0500501B
55115Aug 16KCADETW,8-7GS337.010010LF
56116Aug 17KCADETW,4-1GS277.020020LF
57117Aug 18KCA@BALL,2-8CG358.020020LF
58118Aug 19 (1)KCA@BALW,4-1GS267.010010LF
59119Aug 19 (2)KCA@BALW,6-4GS317.010010LF
60120Aug 20KCA@BALL,3-4CG338.0300311B
61121Aug 21KCA@WSHW,7-4GS226.010001021B
62122Aug 22KCA@WSHW,1-0CG289.012001201B
63123Aug 23KCA@WSHW,3-1GS308.010001011B
64124Aug 24 (1)KCA@BOSL,3-14CG478.0700731B
65127 (2)Aug 27KCA@NYYW,11-7GS327.0600611B
66128Aug 29KCACLEW,8-7CG409.0800811B
67129Aug 30KCACLEL,6-8CG6014.013001301B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
68134 (4)Sep 3KCA@CLEW,6-2GS246.0501601B
69156 (21)Sep 28KCA@CHWL,4-11CG438.050160RF

1958 Fielding Gamelog (as 1B)

1958 Fielding Gamelog (as LF)

1958 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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