Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1916 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1916 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 12CHC@CINW,7-1GS0 20020
22Apr 13CHC@CINL,3-8CG08.020020
33Apr 14CHC@CINL,3-4CG08.020020
44Apr 15CHC@CINL,0-2CG08.061180
56 (1)Apr 17CHC@STLW,5-1GF0 00000
67Apr 20CHCCINW,7-6GF0 00000
710 (2)Apr 26CHCPITW,6-3GF02.000000
811Apr 27CHCSTLW,9-5CG09.000000
912Apr 28CHCSTLW,7-0GF0 00000
1013Apr 29CHCSTLL,4-8GS0 10010
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1114May 2CHCSTLL,0-3CG09.000000
1215May 4CHC@PITL,2-4CG08.010010
1316May 5CHC@PITW,5-3GS011.030030
1417May 6CHC@PITW,2-1CG09.020020
1520 (2)May 8 (2)CHCPITL,4-6CG09.011020
1621May 9CHCCINW,8-5GF0 41050
1722May 10CHCBSNL,10-11GF0 10010
1823May 11CHCBSNW,3-1CG09.021030
1925 (1)May 14CHCNYGL,4-6CG09.020020
2026May 15CHCNYGL,2-3CG09.000000
2127May 17CHCBROW,7-2CG09.020020
2228May 18CHCBROW,4-3GF02.000000
2330 (1)May 20CHCBROL,5-8CG09.031150
2431May 21CHCPHIL,2-4GF0 00000
2532May 22CHCPHIL,3-5CG09.040150
2633May 23CHCPHIW,8-3CG09.030030
2734May 24CHCPHIL,5-6CG09.040040
2835May 25CHC@CINL,4-8CG08.000000
2936May 26CHC@CINL,4-5CG08.020020
3037May 27CHC@CINW,3-2CG09.010010
3141 (3)May 31 (1)CHCSTLL,1-5CG09.030030
3242May 31 (2)CHCSTLW,6-3CG09.000000
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3343Jun 2CHC@BSNW,2-1GF01.000000
3444Jun 3CHC@BSNL,2-3CG08.000000
3547 (2)Jun 10CHC@NYGL,0-1CG08.020020
3648Jun 12CHC@NYGW,8-2CG09.000000
3749Jun 13CHC@NYGW,5-2CG09.000000
3850Jun 14CHC@NYGW,4-0CG09.010010
3951Jun 15CHC@BROL,1-2CG08.030030
4052Jun 17CHC@BROL,3-4CG010.220020
4153Jun 21 (1)CHCCINL,3-4CG09.021030
4254Jun 21 (2)CHCCINL,2-3CG09.020020
4355Jun 23CHCCINW,2-1CG09.010010
4456Jun 24 (1)CHCCINW,6-5CG012.010120
4557Jun 24 (2)CHCCINL,6-7CG09.020020
4658Jun 25CHCPITL,3-8CG012.020020
4759Jun 27 (1)CHCPITW,1-0CG09.030030
4860Jun 27 (2)CHCPITW,10-4CG09.010010
4961Jun 28 (1)CHCPITL,2-3CG09.010010
5062Jun 28 (2)CHCPITL,2-3CG018.060060
5163Jun 29CHC@STLW,3-2CG09.010010
5264Jun 30CHC@STLL,3-5CG08.021140
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5365Jul 1 (1)CHC@STLW,9-2GS0 20020
5472 (6)Jul 7CHCBSNW,1-0GF01.000000
5573Jul 8CHCBSNL,1-3GF02.000000
5674Jul 9CHCBSNL,1-5CG09.010010
5776 (1)Jul 11CHCPHIL,1-2CG09.030030
5877Jul 12CHCPHIL,2-6CG09.040040
5978Jul 13CHCPHIW,6-5CG09.020130
6079Jul 14CHCPHIW,6-3GF0 00000
6182 (2)Jul 17CHCBROL,1-2CG09.020020
6286 (3)Jul 21CHCNYGL,1-2CG09.040040
6387Jul 22CHCNYGW,5-2CG09.020020
6489 (1)Jul 25CHC@BSNW,3-2CG011.020020
6592 (2)Jul 28CHC@BSNL,1-2GF01.010010
6693Jul 29 (1)CHC@PHIW,5-2CG09.000000
6794Jul 29 (2)CHC@PHIL,1-4CG08.021030
Player went from Chicago Cubs to Pittsburgh Pirates
6887Jul 31 (1)PIT@NYGL,0-7CG08.010010
6988Jul 31 (2)PIT@NYGL,0-7CG08.000000
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
7089Aug 1PIT@NYGW,4-3CG010.020130
7190Aug 2PIT@NYGL,2-6CG08.030030
7291Aug 3PIT@BROL,2-7CG08.010010
7392Aug 4PIT@BROL,0-2CG08.021030
7493Aug 5 (1)PIT@BROL,0-4CG08.020130
7594Aug 5 (2)PIT@BROW,7-1CG09.010010
7695Aug 11 (1)PIT@BSNW,2-1CG09.040040
7796Aug 11 (2)PIT@BSNL,1-4CG08.010010
7897Aug 12PITCHCW,3-0CG09.040040
7998Aug 13 (1)PIT@STLL,8-9CG010.120020
8099Aug 13 (2)PIT@STLW,9-5CG05.010010
81100Aug 15 (1)PIT@STLW,1-0CG09.010010
82101Aug 15 (2)PIT@STLW,2-1CG09.010010
83102Aug 17PITBROL,1-5CG09.020020
84103Aug 18PITBROL,0-6CG09.010010
85104Aug 19 (1)PITBROW,2-1CG010.020020
86105Aug 19 (2)PITBROL,0-1CG09.020020
87106Aug 21 (1)PITPHIW,6-3CG09.030030
88107Aug 21 (2)PITPHIW,2-1CG09.020020
89108Aug 22 (1)PITPHIL,2-6CG09.020020
90109Aug 22 (2)PITPHIW,9-7CG09.020020
91110Aug 23PITPHIW,2-1CG016.030030
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
92127 (16)Sep 6 (1)PITSTLW,3-2GF04.010010
93132 (4)Sep 10PIT@CHCW,8-7CG09.020020
94133Sep 12 (1)PIT@BROL,0-6CG08.000110
95134Sep 12 (2)PIT@BROW,2-1CG09.000000
96135Sep 13PIT@BROW,6-3CG09.030030
97136Sep 14PIT@BROL,2-3CG08.220020
98137Sep 15PIT@BROL,1-8CG04.220020
99138Sep 16 (1)PIT@NYGL,2-8CG08.030030
100139Sep 16 (2)PIT@NYGL,3-4CG08.230030
101140Sep 18 (1)PIT@NYGL,0-2CG08.030030
102141Sep 18 (2)PIT@NYGT,1-1CG08.010010
103142Sep 19 (1)PIT@NYGL,2-9CG08.030030
104143Sep 19 (2)PIT@NYGL,1-5CG08.020020
105144Sep 20 (1)PIT@PHIL,0-7CG08.020020
106145Sep 20 (2)PIT@PHIL,2-3CG08.220020
107146Sep 21PIT@PHIW,8-3GF03.011020
108147Sep 22PIT@PHIL,4-7CG08.010010
109148Sep 23 (1)PIT@BSNL,2-4CG08.000000
110149Sep 23 (2)PIT@BSNT,1-1CG013.030030
111151 (1)Sep 25 (2)PIT@BSNL,2-3CG08.030030
112154 (2)Sep 27PIT@BSNL,0-1CG08.020020
113155Sep 30 (1)PITCINL,4-5CG09.030030
114156Sep 30 (2)PITCINL,3-5CG09.010010
115157Oct 1PIT@CINL,0-4CG08.010010
115gm 1971092160

1916 Fielding Game Log (as LF)

1916 Fielding Game Log (as RF)