Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1969 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1969 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 8CALSEPL,3-4CG389.01000100C
22Apr 9CALSEPW,7-3CG379.071080C
33Apr 11CALMINW,5-3CG359.061070C
44Apr 12CALMINW,4-3CG329.061070C
55Apr 13CALMINL,4-5CG409.050050C
67 (1)Apr 16CAL@OAKL,1-6CG378.051060C
710 (2)Apr 20CAL@MINL,1-12CG428.0120302B
811Apr 22CAL@CHWW,8-0CG329.031040C
912Apr 23CAL@CHWL,1-7CG348.030030C
1013Apr 25CAL@KCRW,6-3GF82.010010C
1114Apr 27CAL@KCRW,6-2CG349.070070C
1215Apr 29CAL@SEPL,0-1CG288.061071C
1316Apr 30CALOAKL,4-9CG479.071080C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1417May 1CALOAKW,3-2CG3610.014001411B
1519 (1)May 2 (2)CALKCRL,2-3GF62.020020C
1620May 3CALKCRW,3-2GS359.013001301B C
1721May 4CALKCRL,1-15CG539.0500501B
1823 (1)May 7CALNYYW,4-2CG349.0720911B
1924May 9CALBOSL,2-7GS419.010001011B C
2025May 10CALBOSL,3-6GS4210.071080C 2B
2126May 11CALBOSL,3-7GS31.011021C
2231 (4)May 17CAL@NYYL,0-6CG368.080080C
2332May 18 (1)CAL@NYYL,1-3CG298.042061C
2433May 18 (2)CAL@NYYL,0-1GF82.020020C
2534May 21 (1)CAL@BOSL,2-5CG388.020020C
2636 (1)May 22CAL@BOSL,3-4CG408.220020C
2738 (1)May 24CAL@DETL,2-4CG328.0710801B
2839May 25CAL@DETL,0-10CG418.0510611B
2941 (1)May 28CALCLEW,5-4CG319.081090C
3042May 30CALBALL,1-3CG349.050050C
3143May 31CALBALW,4-3CG349.070070C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3244Jun 1CALBALL,3-4GF92.011020PH C
3345Jun 2CALDETW,3-1CG349.010010C
3446Jun 3CALDETW,4-2CG359.090090C
3547Jun 4CALDETL,4-5CG4410.080080C
3648Jun 6CAL@CLEL,3-8CG358.030030C
3749Jun 7CAL@CLEL,0-7CG358.051060C
3852 (2)Jun 10CAL@BALL,4-11CG408.070070C
3954 (1)Jun 13CAL@WSAL,2-6CG388.020020C
4055Jun 14CAL@WSAW,3-2CG379.050050C
Player went from California Angels to Boston Red Sox
4160Jun 17BOS@CLEL,2-4CG338.061070C
4263 (2)Jun 21 (1)BOSNYYW,6-5GF112.020020C
4364Jun 21 (2)BOSNYYL,3-6CG449.01101120C
4465Jun 22BOSNYYL,3-5GF61.010010C
4566Jun 24 (1)BOSCLEL,3-6CG389.01201130C
4668 (1)Jun 25 (1)BOSCLEW,3-1CG339.070070C
4772 (3)Jun 28BOS@WSAL,3-4CG429.070180C
4873Jun 29 (1)BOS@WSAL,4-5CG378.240150C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4977 (3)Jul 3BOS@DETL,3-4CG378.051060C
5079 (1)Jul 4 (2)BOSWSAW,7-4CG409.051061C
5181 (1)Jul 5 (2)BOSWSAW,11-4CG379.080080C
5282Jul 6BOSWSAL,0-5GF31.001010PH C
5383Jul 7BOSDETW,7-2CG349.050050C
5485 (1)Jul 9BOSDETL,5-6CG439.030030C
5586Jul 10BOS@BALL,4-5CG398.250050C
5688 (1)Jul 11 (2)BOS@BALW,12-3CG359.040040C
5790 (1)Jul 13BOS@BALL,3-6GF102.011020PH C
5891Jul 15 (1)BOS@NYYW,7-6CG489.01400140C
5992Jul 15 (2)BOS@NYYL,1-4GF61.000000C
6093Jul 16BOS@NYYW,6-2CG369.080080C
6194Jul 18BOSBALW,6-1CG339.021030C
6295Jul 19BOSBALW,5-3CG349.060060C
6396Jul 20BOSBALW,6-5GF133.030030PH C
6497Jul 24BOS@SEPL,6-8CG408.050160C
6598Jul 25BOS@SEPW,7-6GS347.040040C
6699Jul 26BOS@SEPL,5-8CG358.050050C
67100Jul 27BOS@SEPW,5-3GS6115.01010110C
68101Jul 29BOS@CALL,3-4GS318.090090C
69102Jul 30BOS@CALL,1-4CG368.0921120C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
70105 (2)Aug 2BOS@OAKL,4-5GF60.220020PH C
71107 (1)Aug 3 (2)BOS@OAKW,3-2GS133.020020C
72118 (10)Aug 16 (2)BOS@KCRL,7-8CG418.072090C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
73135 (16)Sep 5BOSWSAW,9-8CG449.01300130C
74136Sep 6BOSWSAW,9-5CG449.060060C
75137Sep 7BOSWSAL,2-3GS339.050050C
76145 (7)Sep 14BOS@NYYL,2-3GS308.060060C
77146Sep 15BOSCLEL,1-4CG359.040040C
78147Sep 16BOSCLEL,2-5CG379.050050C
79150 (2)Sep 19BOS@DETW,3-1CG369.071080C
80151Sep 20BOS@DETW,6-3CG419.070070C
81155 (3)Sep 24BOSNYYW,1-0CG5014.01020120C
82157 (1)Sep 26BOSDETW,6-5CG439.072090C
83160 (2)Sep 29BOS@WSAW,8-5CG389.020020C
84161Sep 30BOS@WSAL,2-7CG378.071080C

1969 Fielding Game Log (as C)

1969 Fielding Game Log (as 1B)

1969 Fielding Game Log (as 2B)

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