Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2010 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2010 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
15 (4)Apr 9OAK@LAAW,10-4GF61.0000002B
27 (1)Apr 11OAK@LAAW,9-4CG359.0110202B
38Apr 12OAK@SEAW,4-0CG329.0330602B
49Apr 13OAK@SEAL,0-3CG368.0020212B
510Apr 14OAK@SEAL,2-4CG408.0120302B
611Apr 15OAKBALW,6-2CG399.0120302B
712Apr 16OAKBALW,4-2CG319.0020202B
813Apr 17OAKBALW,4-3CG399.0230512B
914Apr 18OAKBALL,3-8GS399.0040402B SS
1015Apr 20OAKNYYL,3-7GF184.0310402B
1116Apr 21OAKNYYL,1-3CG389.0110202B
1217Apr 22OAKNYYW,4-2CG339.0140502B
1318Apr 23OAKCLEW,10-0CG319.0170842B
1419Apr 24OAKCLEL,1-6CG419.0010103B
1520Apr 25OAKCLEW,11-0GS359.0400402B 1B
1621Apr 27OAK@TBRL,6-8CG378.0130402B
1722Apr 28OAK@TBRL,3-10GS428.0330612B 1B
1823Apr 29OAK@TORL,3-6CG378.0320512B
1924Apr 30OAK@TORL,2-10CG398.0040412B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2025May 1OAK@TORW,4-3CG349.0040402B
2126May 2OAK@TORL,3-9CG398.0130402B
2227May 3OAKTEXL,2-4CG389.0140512B
2328May 4OAKTEXW,7-6CG389.0120312B
2429May 5OAKTEXW,4-1CG349.0130432B
2530May 7OAKTBRL,1-4CG389.0010102B
2631May 8OAKTBRW,4-2CG359.0100102B
2732May 9OAKTBRW,4-0CG279.0010102B
2833May 11OAK@TEXW,7-6CG5413.07301002B
2934May 12OAK@TEXL,1-10GS448.0110202B SS
3035May 13OAK@TEXL,1-2CG4911.1350802B
3136May 14OAK@LAAL,0-4CG328.0110202B
3237May 15OAK@LAAL,3-12GS418.0150602B SS
3338May 16OAK@LAAL,0-4CG328.0160712B
3439May 17OAKSEAW,8-4CG359.0240622B
3540May 18OAKSEAW,6-5CG4210.0120312B
3641May 19OAKDETL,1-5CG409.0220402B
3742May 20OAKDETL,2-5CG399.0350822B
3843May 21OAKSFGW,6-1CG359.0120302B
3944May 22OAKSFGW,1-0CG329.0040403B
4045May 23OAKSFGW,3-0GS257.010010LF
4146May 25OAK@BALL,1-5GF61.000000PH LF
4247May 26OAK@BALW,6-1GS277.030030LF
4348May 27OAK@BALW,7-5CG439.014050SS
4449May 28OAK@DETW,5-4CG349.011021SS
4552 (2)May 31OAK@DETW,4-1CG379.0220422B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4654 (1)Jun 2OAK@BOSL,4-6CG388.0040403B
4756 (1)Jun 4OAKMINL,4-5CG4411.003030SS
4857Jun 5OAKMINL,3-4GS338.0700701B
4959 (1)Jun 7OAKLAAL,2-4CG359.005160SS
5061 (1)Jun 9OAKLAAL,1-7CG429.0240612B
5164 (2)Jun 12OAK@SFGL,4-5GF82.000000PH SS
5265Jun 13OAK@SFGL,2-6CG338.0100102B
5367 (1)Jun 16OAK@CHCL,2-6GS245.001010SS
5471 (3)Jun 20OAK@STLW,3-2CG339.0110202B
5574 (2)Jun 23OAKCINL,0-3CG409.025072SS
5678 (3)Jun 29OAK@BALW,4-2CG389.0510612B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5780 (1)Jul 1OAK@BALW,8-1GF215.041050PR 1B
5882 (1)Jul 3OAK@CLEL,4-5GS439.2010102B LF
5983Jul 4OAK@CLEW,3-1CG349.0210313B
6085 (1)Jul 6OAKNYYL,1-6GS369.061071SS 1B
6188 (2)Jul 10OAKLAAW,15-1CG339.0330602B
6289Jul 11OAKLAAW,5-2CG399.0130412B
6391 (1)Jul 17OAK@KCRW,6-5CG389.0250712B
6492Jul 18OAK@KCRW,9-6CG409.0900901B
6593Jul 19OAKBOSL,1-2CG369.0220403B
6696 (2)Jul 23OAKCHWL,1-5CG379.000000LF
6799 (2)Jul 27OAK@TEXL,1-3GS399.003030SS
68101 (1)Jul 29OAK@TEXL,4-7CG378.0900931B
69103 (1)Jul 31OAK@CHWW,6-2GS328.003140SS
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
70105 (1)Aug 2OAKKCRW,6-0CG299.04801242B
71113 (7)Aug 11OAK@SEAW,5-1GS31.000000SS

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