Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 5DET@MIAW,8-7GF153.0100103B
23 (1)Apr 8DETNYYW,4-0GF41.001010PR 3B
37 (3)Apr 13DET@PITW,7-3GF82.0000003B
48Apr 14DET@PITW,7-4GS439.0192121SS 3B
510 (1)Apr 16DET@HOUW,5-3GF31.0000003B
613 (2)Apr 20DET@KCRW,3-2GF102.0010103B
716 (2)Apr 23DETCLEL,1-10CG439.022040SS
817Apr 24DETCLEL,3-6CG419.0900921B
918Apr 25DETOAKW,7-3GF82.0010103B
1023 (4)Apr 30DET@MINW,4-1GF41.000000PR 3B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1125 (1)May 3DET@CLEL,3-7GF31.000000CF
1227 (1)May 5DET@CLEL,4-9CG418.010010CF
1328May 6DETTEXL,1-5GF61.000000CF
1430 (1)May 8DETTEXL,3-8GF61.000000CF
1531May 9DET@WSNL,4-5GF51.100000PR CF
1632May 10DET@WSNW,5-4CG419.004041SS
1737 (4)May 15DET@BALW,6-5GF62.0010103B
1838May 16DETMINW,10-8GF31.0010103B
1940 (1)May 18DETMINW,6-3GF31.0000003B
2042 (1)May 21DETTBRW,5-4GF41.0010103B
2143May 22DETTBRW,9-4GS379.054091SS 1B
2244May 23DETPHIW,5-4GF31.0000003B
2345May 24DETPHIW,3-1GF51.0000002B
2447 (1)May 27DET@OAKW,4-1GF51.0010103B
2548May 28DET@OAKL,3-12GF41.010010PH 1B
2650 (1)May 30DET@LAAL,1-5CG328.011020SS
2751May 31DET@LAAL,9-11GF92.000000CF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2852Jun 1DET@LAAW,3-0GF41.0000003B
2954 (1)Jun 3DETCHWW,10-3GF82.030030PR 1B
3055Jun 4DETCHWW,7-4GF61.010010PR 3B
3156Jun 5DETCHWW,5-2GF62.0010103B
3257Jun 6DETTORW,11-0GF51.020020PH 1B
3358Jun 7DETTORW,3-2GS4310.080080CF 1B
3459Jun 8DETTORL,2-7CG379.012101311B
3562 (2)Jun 12DET@NYYW,4-1GF31.000000SS
3663Jun 13DET@CHWL,9-10GF61.100000PR RF
3764Jun 14DET@CHWW,11-8GS389.000000CF 3B
3866 (1)Jun 16DET@KCRW,10-4GF318.000000CF
3967Jun 17DET@KCRL,3-10CG438.020020CF
4068Jun 18DET@KCRL,5-16GF40.200000P
4169Jun 19DET@KCRL,1-2GF112.100000CF
4270Jun 20DETSEAW,8-7GF133.040041PR 1B
4373 (2)Jun 23DETSEAW,5-4CG3910.040040CF
4474Jun 24DETCLEL,5-7CG389.012031SS
4578 (3)Jun 29DETMIAW,10-3GF31.000000PR 1B
4679Jun 30DET@TBRW,10-7GF31.001011PR 3B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4780Jul 1DET@TBRW,10-2GF51.0000002B
4881Jul 2DET@TBRW,3-2GF31.0020203B
4982Jul 3DET@TBRW,5-1CG369.010010CF
5084 (1)Jul 5DET@CLEL,1-12GF183.0210311B 2B
5185Jul 6DET@CLEW,12-2GF82.0200211B
5288 (2)Jul 9DET@TORW,3-2GS359.012030SS 3B
5390 (1)Jul 15DETKCRW,4-2GF41.0000003B
5493 (2)Jul 18DETMINW,1-0GF31.0000003B
5595 (1)Jul 20DETMINL,1-4CG359.011020SS
5697 (1)Jul 22DET@CHWW,7-5GF31.0010103B
5799 (1)Jul 24DET@CHWL,4-5GS368.030030CF
58100Jul 25DET@BOSW,4-2CG409.010010CF
59101Jul 26DET@BOSW,9-8GF62.0000003B
60102Jul 27DET@BOSW,4-3GF31.0000003B
61103Jul 29DETHOUW,14-6GF122.030030PH 1B
62104Jul 30DETHOUW,3-2GF61.0000003B
63105Jul 31DETHOUW,11-0GF72.0110202B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
64106Aug 2DETCHWW,11-5CG399.0020203B
65107Aug 3DETCHWW,2-1GF61.0000003B
66108Aug 4DETCHWL,3-6CG419.0600601B
67109Aug 5DETNYMW,4-3GF41.0000003B
68111 (1)Aug 7DETNYML,1-3GS339.0210302B CF
69113 (1)Aug 9DET@SEAL,5-6GS4110.040040CF
70115 (1)Aug 12DET@TEXL,5-8CG398.014050SS
71117 (1)Aug 14DET@TEXW,7-0CG309.002020SS
72118Aug 15DETKCRL,1-3GF61.010010CF
73120 (1)Aug 17DETKCRL,1-4CG369.020020CF
74121Aug 18DETBOSW,4-3GS399.040040CF 1B
75122Aug 19DETBOSL,2-10GS459.040040CF 1B
76123Aug 20DETBOSL,2-3GS338.020020CF
77124Aug 21DETBOSW,10-5GF41.010010PR 1B
78126 (1)Aug 24DET@MINW,9-4CG389.0420612B
79127Aug 25DET@MINW,8-5GS379.060060SS 1B
80129 (1)Aug 27DETLAAL,2-3GF133.011021RF
81132 (2)Aug 30DETCHWW,8-4GF62.0010103B
82133Aug 31DETCHWW,3-2CG329.0010103B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
83135 (1)Sep 3DET@KCRL,2-5GS307.0020203B
84136Sep 4DET@KCRW,6-5CG379.0020203B
85137Sep 5DET@CHWW,5-3GS4511.0120302B 3B
86138Sep 6DET@CHWL,0-2GS236.0340732B
87140 (1)Sep 9DETBALW,4-3GF31.0000003B
88141Sep 10DETBALL,3-11GF103.0000002B
89143 (1)Sep 12DETMINW,4-2CG389.0320503B
90145 (1)Sep 14DETMINW,9-6CG359.0110203B
91146Sep 15DETMINL,1-5CG389.0020203B
92147Sep 16DET@CLEL,4-11CG428.0010103B
93148Sep 17DET@CLEL,0-1GS369.0110203B
94149Sep 18DET@CLEW,9-5GF134.001010PH 3B
95150Sep 20DET@MINW,8-1CG319.0320502B
96151Sep 22 (1)DET@MINW,9-2GS349.0420612B 1B
97152Sep 22 (2)DET@MINW,4-2CG359.0030302B
98153Sep 23DETKCRW,8-3GF143.011020SS 1B
99154Sep 24DETKCRL,4-7CG419.0020203B
100155Sep 25DETKCRL,9-12CG469.023050SS
101157 (1)Sep 27DETCLEW,12-0GF72.0000001B LF
102159 (1)Sep 30DET@ATLW,6-2GF31.0000003B

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