Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1969 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1969 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
111 (10)Apr 19CHC@MONW,6-5GF31.000000CF
212Apr 20 (1)CHC@MONW,6-3GF122.010010CF
315 (2)Apr 22 (2)CHC@PITL,5-6CG378.030030CF
418 (2)Apr 26CHC@NYMW,9-3GF113.010010CF
519Apr 27 (1)CHC@NYMW,8-6GF154.010010CF
620Apr 27 (2)CHC@NYML,0-3CG318.120020CF
721Apr 28CHC@PHIW,2-1GF61.000000RF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
825 (3)May 3CHCNYMW,3-2GF72.000000CF
928 (2)May 6CHCLADW,7-1CG359.030140CF
1029May 7CHCLADL,2-4CG4812.020020CF
1130May 9CHCSFGL,1-11GS376.010010CF
1231May 11CHCSFGW,8-0CG349.040040CF
1332May 12CHCSDPW,2-0CG359.030030CF
1433May 13CHCSDPW,19-0CG339.020130CF
1534May 14CHCSDPW,3-2CG339.000000CF
1638 (3)May 20CHC@LADW,7-0GF154.000000CF
1739May 21CHC@LADL,1-3CG318.010010CF
1840May 22CHC@LADW,3-0GS196.010010CF
1941May 23CHC@SDPW,6-0CG309.060060CF
2042May 24CHC@SDPW,7-5CG369.030030CF
2143May 25 (1)CHC@SDPL,2-10CG408.050050CF
2244May 25 (2)CHC@SDPW,1-0GS206.010010CF
2345May 27CHC@SFGL,4-5GS287.000000CF
2448 (2)May 31CHCATLW,3-2GF62.000000CF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2555 (6)Jun 10CHC@ATLW,3-1GF113.010010CF
Player went from Chicago Cubs to Montreal Expos
2653Jun 13MON@SFGL,2-4CG358.000000CF
2754Jun 14MON@SFGW,8-0CG359.010010CF
2855Jun 15 (1)MON@SFGL,4-7CG428.140040CF
2956Jun 15 (2)MON@SFGL,1-6CG358.040040CF
3057Jun 16MON@STLL,0-3CG288.040040CF
3158Jun 17MON@STLL,0-2CG338.030030CF
3259Jun 18MON@STLW,5-1CG369.011020CF
3360Jun 19MON@STLL,3-5CG388.010010CF
3461Jun 20MON@CHCL,0-2CG348.020020CF
3562Jun 21MON@CHCW,3-2CG359.010010CF
3663Jun 22 (1)MON@CHCL,6-7CG428.210010CF
3765 (1)Jun 24MONSTLW,4-1GF41.000000CF
3868 (2)Jun 26MONSTLW,8-6GF51.000000CF
3970 (1)Jun 28MONPHIL,8-13CG509.020020CF
4071Jun 29 (1)MONPHIL,0-2GS358.030030CF
4172Jun 29 (2)MONPHIL,1-5CG389.020020CF
4273Jun 30MONCHCW,5-2CG399.061070CF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4374Jul 1MONCHCW,11-4CG449.010010CF
4475Jul 2MONCHCL,2-4CG399.020020CF
4576Jul 3MONCHCL,4-8CG419.000000CF
4677Jul 4 (1)MON@PHIW,8-5CG359.020020CF
4778Jul 4 (2)MON@PHIW,7-3CG389.020020CF
4879Jul 5MON@PHIW,6-4CG399.040040CF
4980Jul 6 (1)MON@PHIL,2-13GS263.000000CF
5081Jul 6 (2)MON@PHIW,5-0CG279.000000CF
5182Jul 8MON@PITL,1-8CG378.000000CF
5283Jul 9 (1)MON@PITL,3-4GS347.010010CF
5384Jul 9 (2)MON@PITL,2-3CG378.020130CF
5485Jul 10MON@PITL,1-2CG5010.120020CF
5586Jul 11MON@NYMW,11-4CG389.000000CF
5687Jul 13 (1)MON@NYML,3-4CG368.040040CF
5789 (1)Jul 14MONPITW,2-0CG369.000000CF
5890Jul 15MONPITL,3-9GS264.000000CF
5991Jul 16MONPITL,7-8GF183.000000CF
6092Jul 17MONPITW,5-4CG429.040040CF
6193Jul 18MONNYML,2-5CG409.030030CF
6294Jul 19MONNYMW,5-4CG349.020020CF
6395Jul 20 (1)MONNYMW,3-2CG389.010010CF
6496Jul 20 (2)MONNYML,3-4CG4110.040150CF
6597Jul 24MON@ATLL,6-9CG378.040040CF
6698Jul 25MON@ATLW,8-7CG389.050050CF
6799Jul 26MON@ATLW,7-4CG379.030030CF
68100Jul 27MON@ATLL,2-8CG358.040040CF
69101Jul 29MON@CINL,2-4CG348.001010CF
70102Jul 30MON@CINL,3-5CG368.010010CF
71103Jul 31MON@CINL,1-6CG388.000000CF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
72110 (6)Aug 5 (2)MONATLL,3-4GF31.000000PH CF
73111Aug 6MONATLL,3-6CG399.010010CF
74114 (2)Aug 10MON@HOUL,1-3CG348.020020CF
75116 (1)Aug 12 (2)MONCINW,5-2CG409.020020CF
76120 (3)Aug 16MONLADL,3-9CG459.070070CF
77121Aug 17MONLADL,3-9GF142.000000PH CF
78126 (4)Aug 22 (2)MONSFGL,2-10CG439.020020CF

1969 Fielding Game Log (as CF)

1969 Fielding Game Log (as RF)

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