Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2018 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2018 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
19 (8)Apr 7NYYBALW,8-3CG369.020020LF
210Apr 8NYYBALL,7-8CG5412.030030LF
315 (4)Apr 16NYYMIAW,12-1GF173.010010RF
Player went from New York Yankees to Baltimore Orioles
424Apr 25BALTBRL,4-8CG429.0110212B
525Apr 26BALTBRL,5-9CG419.0110202B
626Apr 27BALDETW,6-0CG329.0020202B
727Apr 28BALDETL,5-9GS459.0300302B LF
828Apr 29BALDETW,5-3CG379.0140502B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
929May 1BAL@LAAL,2-3CG398.1140502B
1031 (1)May 3BAL@LAAL,3-12CG408.0240622B
1132May 4BAL@OAKL,4-6CG408.0011202B
1233May 5BAL@OAKL,0-2CG4011.1330602B
1334May 6BAL@OAKL,1-2CG328.010010LF
1435May 8BALKCRL,7-15GF82.011021SS
1537 (1)May 10BALKCRW,11-6CG409.0160733B
1638May 11BALTBRW,9-4CG419.0110203B
1739May 12 (1)BALTBRW,6-3CG359.0030303B
1840May 12 (2)BALTBRL,3-10CG459.0041513B
1941May 13BALTBRW,17-1GF92.000000PH 2B
2042May 16BALPHIL,1-4CG389.0210303B
2144 (1)May 18BAL@BOSW,7-4GF112.0000003B
2245May 19BAL@BOSL,3-6CG348.0220413B
2346May 20BAL@BOSL,0-5GF102.000000LF
2447May 21BAL@CHWW,3-2GF61.0000003B
2548May 22BAL@CHWL,2-3CG398.0110203B
2649May 23BAL@CHWL,1-11GS418.0010103B 2B
2750May 24BAL@CHWW,9-3CG319.0110213B
2853 (2)May 27BAL@TBRL,3-8CG438.010010RF
2955 (1)May 29BALWSNL,2-3CG399.0120303B
3056May 30BALWSNL,0-2CG359.0410503B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3157Jun 1BALNYYL,1-4GS399.0100103B RF
3260 (2)Jun 6BAL@NYMW,1-0GF41.0000003B
3363 (2)Jun 9BAL@TORL,3-4GS439.210010RF LF
3464Jun 10BAL@TORL,3-13GS468.0020203B SS
3565Jun 11BALBOSL,0-2CG4612.022041SS
3667 (1)Jun 13BALBOSL,1-5CG399.000110LF
3770 (2)Jun 17BALMIAW,10-4CG409.0050503B
3871Jun 19BAL@WSNL,7-9CG418.040040RF
3972Jun 20BAL@WSNW,3-051.1000003B
4073Jun 21BAL@WSNL,2-4CG338.020020LF
4174Jun 22BAL@ATLW,10-7GF317.011020PR RF LF
4279 (4)Jun 27BALSEAL,7-8GF133.000000LF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4383 (3)Jul 1BALLAAW,8-2GS339.010010RF LF
4488 (4)Jul 7BAL@MINL,4-5CG348.011020LF
4589Jul 8BAL@MINL,1-10GF72.0000003B
4690Jul 9 (1)BALNYYW,5-4GF72.000000LF
4791Jul 9 (2)BALNYYL,2-10GS418.000000LF
4893 (1)Jul 11BALNYYL,0-9GF61.0010103B
4994Jul 12BALPHIL,4-5CG429.030030LF
5096 (1)Jul 14BALTEXW,1-0GF82.000000LF
5197Jul 15BALTEXW,6-5GF205.0020203B
52100 (2)Jul 22BAL@TORL,4-5CG338.030030LF
53101Jul 23BALBOSL,3-5CG379.010010RF
54102Jul 24BALBOSW,7-6GF102.000000PR LF
55103Jul 26BALTBRL,3-4CG369.0140503B
56104Jul 27BALTBRW,15-5GF122.000000PR LF
57105Jul 28BALTBRW,11-2GF41.000000PH RF
58106Jul 29BALTBRW,11-5CG379.0010103B
59107Jul 31BAL@NYYL,3-6CG368.0610712B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
60108Aug 1BAL@NYYW,7-5GS429.010010RF 3B
61109Aug 2BAL@TEXL,8-17CG518.030030RF
62110Aug 3BAL@TEXL,3-11CG408.020020RF
63112 (1)Aug 5BAL@TEXW,9-6CG429.030030LF
64113Aug 7BAL@TBRL,3-4CG368.210010RF
65115 (1)Aug 9BAL@TBRL,4-5CG348.020020RF
66118 (2)Aug 11 (2)BALBOSL,4-6CG389.0510612B
67121 (2)Aug 15BALNYML,5-16GF122.000000PH RF
68123 (1)Aug 18BAL@CLEW,4-2GF31.000000PR 3B
69124Aug 19BAL@CLEL,0-8CG418.0230512B
70129 (4)Aug 25 (1)BALNYYL,3-10GF41.000000RF
71130Aug 25 (2)BALNYYL,1-5CG389.0330622B
72131Aug 26BALNYYL,3-5CG409.000000LF
73132Aug 27BALTORW,7-0CG369.020020LF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
74137 (4)Sep 2BAL@KCRL,1-9GS327.0230533B
75139 (1)Sep 4BAL@SEAW,5-3GF102.000000PR 3B
76141 (1)Sep 7BAL@TBRL,2-14GF41.0010102B
77143 (1)Sep 9BAL@TBRL,3-8CG408.040040LF
78145 (1)Sep 12BALOAKL,0-10GS469.0110203B 2B
79146Sep 13BALOAKW,5-3GF112.0000003B
80149 (2)Sep 16BALCHWW,8-4GF41.000000PR 3B
81152 (2)Sep 19BALTORW,2-1GF72.0110203B
82155 (2)Sep 23BAL@NYYW,6-3GF72.0010103B
83157 (1)Sep 26 (1)BAL@BOSL,3-19GF152.0010112B P
84158Sep 26 (2)BAL@BOSW,10-3GF93.002020PR 3B
85159Sep 28BALHOUL,1-2CG359.0320523B
86162 (2)Sep 30BALHOUW,4-0GF31.0000003B

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