Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2016 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 4TBRTORL,3-5GF82.010010PH 1B
23Apr 5TBRTORW,3-2GF51.010011PH 1B
34Apr 6TBRTORW,5-3CG359.011001111B
46 (1)Apr 10TBR@BALL,3-5CG328.0900921B
510 (3)Apr 15TBRCHWL,0-1CG339.0710811B
611Apr 16TBRCHWW,7-2CG349.0800811B
712Apr 17TBRCHWW,3-2CG349.0810901B
815 (2)Apr 21TBR@BOSW,12-8GS428.0500501B
916Apr 22TBR@NYYL,3-6CG358.0311511B
1017Apr 23TBR@NYYL,2-3CG388.2110203B
1118Apr 24TBR@NYYW,8-1CG349.0120302B
1219Apr 25TBRBALW,2-0CG329.09101001B
1323 (3)Apr 30TBRTORW,4-3CG369.0710801B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1425 (1)May 3TBRLADL,5-10CG439.010001001B
1526May 4TBRLADW,8-5CG419.0800801B
1627May 6TBR@LAAW,5-2CG399.010111201B
1729 (1)May 8TBR@LAAW,3-1CG329.010201231B
1831 (1)May 10TBR@SEAL,4-6CG348.0800801B
1932May 11TBR@SEAL,5-6CG4410.0120302B
2033May 13TBROAKL,3-6CG409.0600611B
2134May 14TBROAKW,6-0CG299.0140512B
2235May 15TBROAKL,6-7CG409.0210302B
2336May 16TBR@TORW,13-2GS379.0500511B 3B
2437May 17TBR@TORW,12-2CG349.0110212B
2539 (1)May 20TBR@DETW,7-5CG409.0430722B
2640May 21TBR@DETL,4-5CG348.0110202B
2741May 22TBR@DETL,4-9CG418.0610711B
2842May 23TBR@MIAL,6-7GS245.0600621B
2943May 24TBR@MIAW,4-3CG399.0121412B
3044May 25TBRMIAL,3-4CG449.0230502B
3145May 26TBRMIAL,1-9CG429.0350812B
3247 (1)May 28TBRNYYW,9-5CG419.0120312B
3348May 29TBRNYYL,1-2CG299.0070712B
3449May 30TBR@KCRL,2-6GS267.0240612B
3550May 31TBR@KCRL,5-10GS244.0110202B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3659 (8)Jun 10TBRHOUW,4-3CG419.09101011B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3793 (33)Jul 19TBR@COLW,10-1CG339.0620801B
3894Jul 20TBR@COLW,11-3GS348.0520701B
3996 (1)Jul 22TBR@OAKL,0-1CG4612.111201321B
4097Jul 23TBR@OAKL,3-4CG358.2510611B
4198Jul 24TBR@OAKL,2-3CG368.0800811B
4299Jul 26TBR@LADL,2-3GS277.0511701B
43100Jul 27TBR@LADW,3-1GF72.0300301B
44101Jul 29TBRNYYW,5-1CG389.0400401B
45102Jul 30TBRNYYW,6-3CG339.0810921B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Tampa Bay Rays to Baltimore Orioles
46106Aug 3BALTEXW,3-2CG339.000000RF
47109 (2)Aug 6BAL@CHWL,2-4CG338.000000RF
48110Aug 7BAL@CHWW,10-2GS164.010010RF
49118 (7)Aug 16BALBOSL,3-5CG389.011101221B
50119Aug 17BALBOSL,1-8CG336.0610701B
51120Aug 18BALHOUW,13-5GF31.0100101B
52122 (1)Aug 20BALHOUL,2-12GF102.0220412B
53123Aug 21BALHOUL,3-5CG389.0710811B
54125 (1)Aug 23BALWSNW,8-1GS328.020020LF
55127 (1)Aug 25BAL@WSNL,0-4CG348.020020LF
56128Aug 26BAL@NYYL,4-14GF41.0100101B
57129Aug 27BAL@NYYL,5-13GF51.0100101B
58130Aug 28BAL@NYYW,5-0GS236.011020RF
59132 (1)Aug 30BALTORW,5-3GS349.020020LF RF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
60134 (1)Sep 2BALNYYW,8-0GF31.0000001B
61135Sep 3BALNYYW,2-0GS257.000000RF
62136Sep 4BALNYYL,2-5GS348.000000LF
63138 (1)Sep 6BAL@TBRW,11-2GS379.070071LF 1B
64139Sep 7BAL@TBRL,6-7CG418.0500501B
65141 (1)Sep 10BAL@DETW,11-3GS399.040040LF 1B
66143 (1)Sep 12BAL@BOSL,2-12GS397.030030LF

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