Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2011 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2011 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
13 (2)Apr 2LADSFGL,0-10GS459.030030LF RF
26 (2)Apr 6LAD@COLL,5-7GS285.010010LF
37Apr 8 suspLAD@SDPW,4-2113.010010LF
49 (1)Apr 10LAD@SDPL,2-7GF61.000000PH LF
515 (5)Apr 16LADSTLL,2-9GF112.001010LF
Player went from Los Angeles Dodgers to Pittsburgh Pirates
626Apr 29PIT@COLW,3-0GF82.000000RF
727Apr 30PIT@COLL,1-4GF31.000000PH LF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
828May 1PIT@COLW,8-4CG409.030030LF
929May 2PIT@SDPW,4-3CG379.000000LF
1030May 3PIT@SDPL,5-6CG368.030030LF
1131May 4PIT@SDPW,7-4CG389.020020LF
1232May 6PITHOUL,2-3GF122.000000RF LF
1333May 7PITHOUW,6-1GF41.010010RF
1434May 8PITHOUW,5-4GF143.020020RF
1535May 9PITLADW,4-1GF51.000000PR RF
1637 (1)May 11PITLADL,0-2CG379.000000LF
1739 (1)May 14PIT@MILL,2-8GF102.020020RF
1841 (1)May 16PIT@WSNL,2-4GF51.010010PH RF
1943 (1)May 19PIT@CINW,5-3GS359.001010LF RF
2044May 20PITDETW,10-1GF41.000000PH RF
2145May 21PITDETW,6-2GF51.000000PH RF
2246May 22PITDETL,0-2GF113.010010PH LF
2347May 24PITATLL,0-2GF31.000000PH RF
2448May 25PITATLL,2-4GF195.000000PR RF
2549May 27PIT@CHCW,4-2GF51.000000RF
2651 (1)May 29PIT@CHCL,2-3GF62.000000PH LF
2753 (1)May 31PIT@NYMW,5-1GF31.000000PH RF
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2854Jun 1PIT@NYMW,9-3GF133.010010PH RF
2955Jun 2PIT@NYML,8-9CG408.030030RF
3056Jun 3PITPHIW,2-1GF195.000000RF
3157Jun 4PITPHIW,6-3CG399.010010RF
3258Jun 5PITPHIL,3-7CG509.010010LF
3359Jun 7PITARIW,8-5CG409.040040RF
3460Jun 8PITARIW,3-2GF92.000000PH RF
3561Jun 9PITARIL,0-2CG369.050050RF
3662Jun 10PITNYML,1-8GF72.000000CF
3763Jun 11PITNYMW,3-2GF82.000000PH RF
3864Jun 12PITNYML,0-7GF51.000000PH RF
3965Jun 13PITNYMW,3-1GS329.030030CF RF
4066Jun 14PIT@HOUW,1-0GF82.010010RF
4167Jun 15PIT@HOUW,7-3GF184.000000PH RF
4268Jun 16PIT@HOUW,5-4CG409.020020RF
4369Jun 17PIT@CLEL,1-5CG368.010010RF
4470Jun 18PIT@CLEL,1-5CG368.000000RF
4571Jun 19PIT@CLEL,2-5CG4310.130030CF
4672Jun 20PITBALL,3-8CG449.010010RF
4773Jun 21PITBALW,9-3CG409.040040RF
4874Jun 22PITBALW,5-4GF103.010010RF
4975Jun 24PITBOSW,3-1GF133.010010RF
5076Jun 25PITBOSW,6-4GF41.000000PH RF
5178 (1)Jun 28PIT@TORW,7-6GF41.000000RF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5282 (3)Jul 2 (1)PIT@WSNW,5-3GF102.000000RF
5383Jul 2 (2)PIT@WSNL,3-4GF50.200110RF
5484Jul 3PIT@WSNW,10-2GF51.000000PH CF
5585Jul 4PITHOUW,5-3GF62.010010RF
5686Jul 5PITHOUW,5-1GF72.000000RF
5788 (1)Jul 8PITCHCW,7-4GF173.100000RF
5890 (1)Jul 10PITCHCW,9-1GF72.010010RF
5991Jul 15PIT@HOUW,4-0GF62.000000PR RF
6092Jul 16PIT@HOUL,4-6GF112.010010RF
6193Jul 17PIT@HOUW,7-5GF215.020020RF
6294Jul 18PITCINW,2-0GF41.100000RF
6395Jul 19PITCINW,1-0GF82.000000PR RF
6499 (3)Jul 24PITSTLW,4-3GF72.020020LF
65100Jul 25PIT@ATLW,3-1CG379.020020LF
66101Jul 26PIT@ATLL,3-4CG8218.120020LF
67102Jul 27PIT@ATLL,1-2GS297.001010LF
68103Jul 28PIT@ATLW,5-2CG359.040040LF
69104Jul 29PIT@PHIL,3-10GS438.020020LF CF
70106 (1)Jul 31PIT@PHIL,5-6CG429.110010LF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
71107Aug 1PITCHCL,3-5GF92.010010PH RF
72108Aug 2PITCHCL,6-11GF184.020020PH CF
73109Aug 3PITCHCL,0-1GF31.000000PR RF
74110Aug 4PITCHCL,6-7GS348.020020RF
75111Aug 5PITSDPL,5-15CG489.020020RF
76113 (1)Aug 7PITSDPL,3-7CG419.010010CF
77114Aug 8PIT@SFGW,5-0GF41.000000RF
78116 (1)Aug 10PIT@SFGW,9-2GF72.010010RF
79117Aug 12PIT@MILL,2-7CG378.050050RF
80118Aug 13PIT@MILL,0-1GF31.010010LF
81119Aug 14PIT@MILL,1-2CG389.220020RF
82120Aug 15PITSTLW,6-2CG379.000000RF
83121Aug 16PITSTLW,5-4CG4811.010010RF
84123 (1)Aug 19PITCINL,8-11GF71.000000PH RF
85124Aug 20PITCINW,5-3GF82.010010PH RF
86125Aug 21PITCINL,4-5GF81.000000RF
87127 (1)Aug 22 (2)PITMILW,9-2GS359.030030RF CF
88128Aug 23PITMILL,4-11CG499.040040RF
89129Aug 24PITMILW,2-0CG349.010010RF
90135 (5)Aug 30PIT@HOUL,2-8CG438.000000RF
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
91138 (2)Sep 2PIT@CHCW,3-1CG339.000000RF
92141 (2)Sep 5PITHOUW,3-1GF102.000000RF
93144 (2)Sep 9PITFLAL,4-13GF113.000000LF
94147 (2)Sep 12PITSTLW,6-5GF61.000000PR RF
95150 (2)Sep 15PIT@LADW,6-2GF102.000000PR RF
96153 (2)Sep 18PIT@LADL,1-15CG538.010010RF
97155 (1)Sep 20PIT@ARIW,5-3GF102.020020RF
98157 (1)Sep 23PITCINW,4-3GF71.000000RF
99158Sep 24PITCINW,4-3GF92.000000RF
100160 (1)Sep 26PIT@MILW,9-8CG489.010010LF
101162 (1)Sep 28PIT@MILL,3-7GS378.012030LF CF

2011 Fielding Gamelog (as LF)

2011 Fielding Gamelog (as CF)

2011 Fielding Gamelog (as RF)

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