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Team Record in Appearances: 27-33

Days of Rest

Inning/Score Appearance Matrix

Multiple inning appearances: 15,    Entered with runners on base: 16

2010 Pitching Game Log

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2010 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA FIP BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
111Apr 5CINSTLL,6-118-8991.000000000.003.083960212010000003000000. 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d3
222Apr 7CINSTLL,3-67-710.0233100027.006.0839401021001100021000002.21-0.3632.17-0.21%-3.24 7t 1-- 0 out tie 7t -2- 0 out d3
336Apr 11CINCHCW,3-17-730.1000000020.255.3314200010002000010000001.850.0471.740.03%0.44 7t 12- 2 out d1 7t 3 out d1
447Apr 12CIN@FLAW,6-57-801.1000000010.134.204141141310002000040000001.780.1811.760.11%0.94 7b 12- 2 out tie 8b 3 out tie
558Apr 13CIN@FLAW,10-88-8BS(1)00.2433121016.207.587231533222000000060000001.41-0.5041.42-0.31%-2.94 8b --- 0 out a3 8b 12- 2 out tie
6610Apr 15CIN@FLAL,2-107-711.0100000012.466.54317112030000000003000100. 7b --- 0 out d8 7b 3 out d8
7712Apr 17CIN@PITL,4-57-8H(1)11.100011009.535.904211142110100001030000001.700.1681.780.11%0.70 7b --- 0 out a1 8b --- 1 out a1
8814Apr 20CINLADW,11-97-720.110010009.006.2531151002100000002000000.56-0.031.43-0.01%-0.41 7t --- 0 out a4 7t 12- 1 out a4
9915Apr 21CINLADL,6-147-802.0444111011.257.20114425102452000000010110000.18-0.087.16-0.04%-3.00 7t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d7
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA FIP BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
101054Jun 2CIN@STLL,1-46-7410.1211001011.888.603941012000210003000000.63-0.1051.22-0.12%-1.58 6b 12- 2 out d2 7b --- 0 out d3
111158Jun 7CINSFGL,5-69-GF41.0000000010.618.013971012010000003000000.500.038.790.04%0.50 9t --- 0 out d1 9t end d 1
121259Jun 8CINSFGL,0-37-700.210010009.907.9841693203100000003100000.900.0081.330.01%0.06 7t --- 0 out d1 7t 12- 2 out d1
131360Jun 9CINSFGW,6-38-800.210000009.287.672531020000100002000100.970.0241.450.02%0.52 8t 1-- 1 out a4 8t 3 out a4
141462Jun 11CINKCRL,5-68-811.000002008.496.9431394310000000003000000.680.051.990.05%0.50 8t --- 0 out d1 8t 3 out d1
151563Jun 12CINKCRW,11-58-801.010000007.826.6341172013020000004100000. 8t --- 0 out a6 8t 3 out a6
161665Jun 15CINLADL,0-125-520.231101008.106.30519122313300220005000000.53-0.081.79-0.07%-1.82 5t 1-3 1 out d3 5t 3 out d6
171766Jun 16CINLADL,2-67-701.000001007.535.94314113311000000003000000. 7t --- 0 out d4 7t 3 out d4
181870Jun 20CIN@SEAL,0-17-831.100001006.895.57417102330000000004000000.530.052.730.04%0.68 7b --- 0 out d1 8b --- 1 out d1
191974Jun 25CINCLEW,10-38-841.010001006.485.30419114221100000004000000. 8t --- 0 out a7 8t 3 out a7
202076Jun 27CINCLEL,3-59-GF11.000001006.115.0631394120000000003000000.230.017.350.02%0.50 9t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 2
212179Jun 30CINPHIW,4-37-720.200000005.894.992752102000100002000000.690.0351.070.03%0.52 7t 1-- 1 out d2 7t 3 out d2
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA FIP BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
222281Jul 2CIN@CHCW,12-07-812.000002005.314.60621154331100000006000000. 7b --- 0 out a10 8b 3 out a12
232383Jul 4CIN@CHCW,14-38-811.000002005.064.34318123210000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out a10 8b 3 out a10
242485Jul 6CIN@NYML,0-36-711.100002004.764.09414103211000200004000000.240.025.380.02%0.90 6b 12- 2 out d3 7b 3 out d3
252587Jul 8CIN@PHIL,3-49-1011.110020004.504.296311622221000001040000002.600.1723.680.15%0.60 9b --- 2 out tie10b 3 out tie
262689Jul 10CIN@PHIL,0-111-GF(11)10.010000004.504.2912100011002100010000004.37-0.3896.56-0.35%-1.0011b 12- 2 out tie11b end d 1
272792Jul 17CINCOLW,8-17-761.000000004.324.2431170212110000003000000. 7t --- 0 out a7 7t 3 out a7
282893Jul 18CINCOLL,0-19-900.210000004.214.213970321010000003000000.500.020.870.02%0.27 9t --- 0 out d1 9t 1-- 2 out d1
292994Jul 19CINWSNW,7-27-701.000000004.054.1741071022000000004000001.750.0281.220.03%0.50 7t --- 0 out a4 7t 3 out a4
303096Jul 21CINWSNL,5-88-811.000001003.904.0531071202200000003000000.190.015.340.02%0.50 8t --- 0 out d3 8t 3 out d3
313198Jul 23CIN@HOUW,6-47-7W(1-0)11.000010003.774.1338200200000000020001001.550.0852.650.09%0.47 7b --- 0 out tie 7b 3 out tie
3232102Jul 27CIN@MILW,12-44-6W(2-0)32.100013003.483.95841266413020100007000000.540.089.970.10%1.20 4b 1-- 2 out a3 6b 3 out a6
3333104Jul 30CINATLL,4-67-721.000010003.384.0241583030000000003000000.780.0551.410.06%0.50 7t --- 0 out d1 7t 3 out d1
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA FIP BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
3434108Aug 3CIN@PITL,6-78-GF(8)31.010010003.274.08521136122000000004000000.530.029.990.03%0.48 8b --- 0 out d1 8b end d 1
3535111Aug 7CIN@CHCW,4-37-8W(3-0)31.100011003.154.075181234210102000040000002.300.1644.340.19%0.95 7b 12- 2 out tie 8b 3 out a2
3636113Aug 9CINSTLL,3-79-GF11.010001003.063.9831593220000000003000100. 9t --- 0 out d5 9t end d 5
3737114Aug 10CINSTLL,4-87-701.033212003.473.937261563222000000061010001.24-0.2363.60-0.41%-2.50 7t --- 0 out d1 7t 3 out d4
3838116Aug 13CINFLAW,7-27-822.021100103.524.23824172326010000008010000. 7t --- 0 out a6 8t 3 out a5
3939118Aug 15CINFLAW,2-07-7H(2)11.020012003.434.176191334121100000050000002.890.0705.830.09%0.50 7t --- 0 out a2 7t 3 out a2
4040121Aug 19CIN@ARIW,9-57-7H(3)30.200001003.384.1026421010002000020000002.360.1123.700.11%0.93 7b 12- 1 out a3 7b 3 out a3
4141123Aug 21CIN@LADL,5-88-GF(8)11.000011003.294.10418135211000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out d3 8b end d 3
4242125Aug 23CIN@SFGL,2-118-GF(8)11.044400104.074.39728215143100000007200000.01- 8b --- 0 out d5 8b end d 9
4343127Aug 25CIN@SFGW,12-117-811.033301104.604.61623164323200000006000000.48-0.117.92-0.13%-2.53 7b --- 0 out a5 8b --- 0 out a2
4444130Aug 29CINCHCW,7-58-8W(4-0)30.200000004.534.5914301100002000010001003.790.1764.910.14%0.91 8t 12- 1 out tie 8t 3 out tie
4545131Aug 30CINMILW,5-47-801.000000004.434.56412720400000000040000011.330.0191.430.01%0.12 7t --- 0 out tie 8t 1-- 0 out tie
4646132Aug 31CINMILW,8-49-GF01.021100104.534.815971123100000005000000. 9t --- 0 out a5 9t end a 4
Sep/Oct Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA FIP BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA acLI cWPA RE24 Entered Exited
4747134Sep 3CIN@STLL,2-37-721.000001004.444.7331284202000000003000000.540.041.370.02%0.47 7b --- 0 out d1 7b 3 out d1
4848136Sep 5CIN@STLL,2-47-710.220000004.374.7141172040000000003000000.50- 7b --- 0 out d2 7b -23 2 out d2
4949140Sep 9CIN@COLL,5-66-7H(4)31.011112004.474.655231435021000000041000001.45-0.1741.14-0.08%-0.94 6b --- 0 out a2 7b -23 0 out a2
5050141Sep 10CINPITW,4-310-1001.000000004.384.62315931210100000030000001.810.1371.950.09%0.5010t --- 0 out tie10t 3 out tie
5151143Sep 12CINPITL,1-38-8H(5)10.210000004.324.60311831120100000030000001.590.062.860.02%0.27 8t --- 0 out a1 8t 1-- 2 out a1
5252144Sep 13CINARIW,7-29-GF01.010012004.244.55525155211000000004000000.380.006.280.00%0.50 9t --- 0 out a5 9t end a 5
5353147Sep 16CINARIL,1-38-821.000001004.154.4831281311100000003000000.380.028.130.01%0.50 8t --- 0 out d2 8t 3 out d2
5454148Sep 17CIN@HOUL,3-58-GF(8)01.010001004.084.4241691312000000004100000. 8b --- 0 out d2 8b end d 2
5555150Sep 19CIN@HOUL,3-48-GF(8)11.000000004.004.393972112000000003000000.390.029.120.01%0.47 8b --- 0 out d1 8b end d 1
5656154Sep 24CIN@SDPL,3-46-7H(6)41.100010003.904.425251631310000000040000001.370.131.360.02%0.65 6b --- 0 out a1 7b --- 1 out a1
5757156Sep 26CIN@SDPW,12-28-811.000002003.834.323871310000000003000000. 8b --- 0 out a10 8b 3 out a10
5858160Oct 1CINMILL,3-47-7BS(2)40.210000003.794.3139611120002200020000102.67-0.135.27-0.01%-0.82 7t 1-3 1 out a2 7t 3 out tie
5959161Oct 2CINMILW,7-47-7W(5-0)00.200010003.754.34312511020201000020000002.740.090.230.01%0.52 7t 1-- 1 out tie 7t 3 out tie
6060162Oct 3CINMILW,3-23-301.000000003.684.32311630210101000030000001.430.123.460.02%1.12 3t -2- 0 out tie 3t 3 out tie

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