Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
18 (7)Apr 13CHW@TORL,2-4GF31.000000PH 2B
29Apr 14CHW@TORW,11-1GF93.001010PH 3B
310Apr 15CHW@TORL,3-7CG418.0100103B
415 (4)Apr 21CHWTBRL,0-12GF123.011020SS
517 (1)Apr 23CHWSEAW,7-6GS358.0021303B
620 (2)Apr 27CHW@TEXL,2-4GS256.0120303B
723 (2)Apr 30CHW@NYYL,4-6GS317.030030RF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
825 (1)May 2CHW@NYYL,3-12GF41.010010PH SS
929 (3)May 6CHWTORL,0-2CG359.0100103B
1032 (2)May 9CHWTORL,7-9CG449.0220413B
1138 (5)May 18CHW@DETW,6-2GF72.000000PH 3B
1239May 19CHWLAAL,2-3CG329.0122503B
1343 (3)May 23CHWFLAL,0-13GF173.0010102B
1448 (4)May 28CHW@TBRW,4-2GS298.0110203B
1550 (1)May 30CHW@TBRW,8-5GF286.0110203B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1653 (2)Jun 3CHWTEXW,4-3CG379.0510602B
1754Jun 4CHWCLEL,1-10GF41.0000003B
1855Jun 5CHWCLEL,1-3CG369.0010103B
1960 (4)Jun 11CHW@CHCW,10-5CG399.0011213B
2061Jun 12CHW@CHCW,2-1CG389.0010103B
2162Jun 13CHW@CHCL,0-1CG288.0021303B
2264 (1)Jun 16CHW@PITW,7-2CG329.0010103B
Player went from Chicago White Sox to Cleveland Indians
2373Jun 26CLE@CINL,4-6CG368.0420602B
2474Jun 27CLE@CINW,5-3CG359.0310402B
2575Jun 28CLETORW,2-1CG359.0120312B
2676Jun 29CLETORW,5-4CG379.0420612B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2778 (1)Jul 1CLETORW,6-1CG359.0340712B
2879Jul 2CLEOAKL,0-3CG389.0260812B
2980Jul 3CLEOAKW,5-4CG4310.08601412B
3081Jul 4CLEOAKL,1-3CG369.0230522B
3182Jul 5CLE@TEXW,9-3CG419.0320502B
3283Jul 6CLE@TEXL,1-12CG458.0310402B
3384Jul 7CLE@TEXL,3-4CG358.0140512B
3485Jul 8CLE@TBRL,2-5CG358.0050512B
3586Jul 9CLE@TBRW,9-3CG419.0140502B
3687Jul 10CLE@TBRL,0-4CG378.0110212B
3788Jul 11CLE@TBRL,5-6CG499.1230512B
3889Jul 16CLEDETW,8-2CG349.0240602B
3990Jul 17 (1)CLEDETW,4-3CG369.0360932B
4091Jul 17 (2)CLEDETW,2-1CG4511.0240612B
4192Jul 18CLEDETW,7-2CG339.0350822B
4293Jul 19CLE@MINW,10-4CG449.0110212B
4394Jul 20CLE@MINW,4-3GS246.000000LF
4495Jul 21CLE@MINL,0-6CG408.021030LF
4598 (2)Jul 25CLETBRL,2-4CG349.0250702B
46102 (3)Jul 29CLENYYL,4-11CG529.0121403B
47103Jul 30CLE@TORL,1-8CG428.0040403B
48104Jul 31CLE@TORW,2-1GS277.0001103B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
49106 (1)Aug 2CLE@BOSW,6-5GS358.0000003B
50107Aug 3CLE@BOSL,1-3CG348.0120303B
51110 (2)Aug 6CLEMINW,7-6GS307.0051603B
52111Aug 7CLEMINL,2-7CG429.0320503B
53114 (2)Aug 11CLEBALL,1-3CG399.0150622B
54118 (3)Aug 15CLESEAW,9-1CG369.0010102B
55119Aug 17CLE@KCRL,1-2CG348.0130413B
56121 (1)Aug 19CLE@KCRW,7-3GS337.0312603B
57122Aug 20CLE@DETL,0-6CG408.0020203B
58123Aug 21CLE@DETL,2-5CG368.0110203B
59124Aug 22CLE@DETL,1-8CG398.0221503B
60126 (1)Aug 25CLEOAKL,1-6CG399.0210303B
61127Aug 26CLEOAKW,3-2GS297.0210303B
62128Aug 27CLEKCRW,15-4CG479.0110203B
63129Aug 28CLEKCRW,4-3CG4310.0020203B
64131 (1)Aug 30CLECHWL,6-10GS377.0100103B
65132Aug 31CLECHWL,3-4CG359.0000003B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
66133Sep 1CLECHWL,4-6CG379.0040403B
67134Sep 2CLE@SEAW,6-3GS287.0101203B
68135Sep 3CLE@SEAL,0-1CG308.0000003B
69136Sep 4CLE@SEAW,4-2GS297.0020203B
70137Sep 5CLE@SEAL,0-3CG338.0132603B
71138Sep 6CLE@LAAW,3-2GS338.0000003B
72139Sep 7CLE@LAAW,6-1CG339.0150613B
73141 (1)Sep 10CLEMINW,2-0GS268.0120313B
74142Sep 11CLEMINL,0-1GF123.002020PR 3B
75143Sep 12CLEMINL,2-6CG359.0110213B
76145 (1)Sep 15CLELAAL,0-7CG379.0131503B
77146Sep 16CLELAAW,3-2CG4011.0200203B
78147Sep 17CLE@KCRW,11-4CG389.0010103B
79148Sep 18CLE@KCRW,6-4GS358.0140503B
80152 (3)Sep 22CLE@MINL,1-5CG358.0310403B
81153Sep 23CLEKCRL,2-4CG419.0020203B
82154Sep 24CLEKCRW,7-3GS278.0100103B
83155Sep 25CLEKCRW,7-1GS348.0210303B
84157 (1)Sep 27CLEDETW,6-3GS337.0121403B
85159 (1)Sep 29 (2)CLEDETW,4-3GS317.0020203B
86160Oct 1CLE@CHWW,7-3GS369.0120313B 2B
87161Oct 2CLE@CHWL,2-6CG266.0010102B
88162Oct 3CLE@CHWL,5-6CG388.0000003B

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