Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1977 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1977 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 9OAKMINW,7-4GF31.000000C
23 (1)Apr 10 (2)OAKMINL,1-7GS327.031040C
34Apr 11OAKCALW,3-2GF113.010010C
47 (2)Apr 14OAKCALW,8-7GF61.000000C
512 (4)Apr 20OAKMILW,4-2GF82.020020C
613Apr 22OAKCHWL,2-8GF51.000000C
714Apr 23OAKCHWW,3-2GF102.000000C
815Apr 24 (1)OAKCHWL,5-12GF123.000000C
916Apr 24 (2)OAKCHWW,11-4CG379.031040C
1018 (1)Apr 26OAK@CALW,7-3GF102.020020C
1119Apr 27OAK@CALW,7-5GF133.010010C
1220Apr 29OAK@BOSL,4-7GF51.000000C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1322 (1)May 1OAK@BOSL,4-6GF122.010010C
1423May 2OAK@BALW,2-0GF82.030030C
1524May 4OAK@BALL,2-9GF62.020020C
1625May 5OAK@NYYW,5-2GF102.020020C
1727 (1)May 7OAK@NYYL,2-11GF163.000000C
1828May 8OAK@NYYL,5-10GF41.010010C
1931 (2)May 13OAKBALL,1-5GF31.001010C
2034 (2)May 16OAKNYYW,8-4GF153.050050C
2137 (2)May 20OAKSEAW,14-5GF225.000000C
2238May 21OAKSEAL,6-7GF102.000000C
2340 (1)May 23OAK@TORW,3-0GF62.030030C
2441May 25OAK@TORW,6-5GF41.001010C
2543 (1)May 28OAK@CLEW,5-1GF133.030030C
2644May 29OAK@CLEL,4-5GF60.200000C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2748 (3)Jun 2OAK@SEAW,1-0GF72.010010C
2849Jun 3OAKTORW,3-2GF41.000000C
2953 (3)Jun 8OAKCLEW,3-2GF41.020020C
3055 (1)Jun 11OAKDETL,1-5GS286.031040C
3156Jun 12OAKDETW,7-1CG369.030140C
3257Jun 14OAK@SEAW,6-3GS215.040040C
3358Jun 15OAK@SEAL,5-6CG4510.220020C
3459Jun 16OAK@SEAL,1-3CG358.060060C
3560Jun 18OAK@CHWL,0-2GF41.000000C
3661Jun 19 (1)OAK@CHWL,1-2GF31.000000C
3762Jun 19 (2)OAK@CHWL,1-5GF82.020020C
3863Jun 20OAK@CHWW,7-1GF164.000000PH C
3965 (1)Jun 22OAK@MILL,1-5CG358.051060C
4068 (2)Jun 26 (1)OAKKCRW,7-3CG409.042060C
4169Jun 26 (2)OAKKCRL,3-9GS337.050050C
4272 (2)Jun 29 (1)OAKTEXL,0-4GF185.030030C
4373Jun 29 (2)OAKTEXW,4-1CG339.040040C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4474Jul 1OAK@CALW,2-0GF82.010010C
4583 (8)Jul 10OAK@KCRL,4-5CG348.221030C
4684Jul 11OAKSEAW,8-1CG339.052070C
4786 (1)Jul 13OAKSEAL,1-3GS205.030030C
4887Jul 15OAKMINW,8-7GF164.020020C
4988Jul 16OAKMINW,8-2GF112.010010C
5089Jul 17 (1)OAKMINL,1-4GF51.000000C
5190Jul 17 (2)OAKMINL,5-9CG429.041160C
5293 (2)Jul 23OAK@SEAL,3-10CG448.060060C
5394Jul 24 (1)OAK@MINL,3-5GF41.010010C
5495Jul 24 (2)OAK@MINL,9-10CG4911.071081C
5596Jul 25OAK@MINL,1-2CG4210.081090C
5697Jul 26OAKCALW,2-1CG309.051060C
5798Jul 27OAKCALL,3-9CG419.060170C
5899Jul 28OAKCALW,6-4CG369.040040C
59100Jul 29OAKNYYL,0-4GF51.000000C
60102 (1)Jul 31OAKNYYL,2-9GF164.020020C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
61103Aug 1OAKBALL,1-5CG369.061070C
62104Aug 3OAKBALL,6-8GS358.031150C
63106 (1)Aug 5OAKBOSL,0-1GF62.011020C
64107Aug 6OAKBOSL,1-2CG369.062080C
65110 (2)Aug 8 (2)OAK@TEXL,0-3CG328.0821110C
66111Aug 10OAK@NYYL,3-6GF82.010010C
67113 (1)Aug 12OAK@BALL,1-6CG378.030030C
68116 (2)Aug 15OAK@CLEL,2-7GF103.010010C
69119 (2)Aug 20OAKCLEL,4-5GS378.031040C
70122 (2)Aug 23OAKTORL,1-8CG479.060060C
71124 (1)Aug 24 (2)OAKDETW,6-5CG4310.080190C
72126 (1)Aug 27OAK@TORW,9-8GF143.030030C
73128 (1)Aug 29OAK@BOSW,8-7GF72.030030C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
74132 (3)Sep 3OAK@DETL,8-10GF142.030030C
75133Sep 4OAK@DETW,7-5GF72.010010C
76134Sep 5 (1)OAKCHWW,8-7CG449.021030C
77138 (3)Sep 9OAKMILL,1-3GF31.000000C
78142 (3)Sep 14 (2)OAK@KCRL,0-6GS428.020020C P
79144 (1)Sep 15 (2)OAK@KCRL,4-5CG409.021030C
80145Sep 16OAK@MILW,8-1GF164.020020C
81147 (1)Sep 18OAK@MILW,3-1GS226.030030C
82149 (1)Sep 20OAK@CHWL,2-8GF92.000000C
83150Sep 21OAK@CHWW,8-6GF31.010010C
84151Sep 23OAKTEXL,5-6GF31.000000C
85152Sep 24OAKTEXL,1-3GS318.022150C
86153Sep 25 (1)OAKTEXL,4-5CG5814.01120130C
87154Sep 25 (2)OAKTEXL,6-8GF31.000000C
88155Sep 26OAKKCRW,7-1CG329.012031C
89156Sep 27 (1)OAKKCRW,4-2GS3210.061070C
90157Sep 27 (2)OAKKCRW,3-2CG399.061072C
91158Sep 28OAKKCRW,6-5CG4210.070070C
92159Sep 30OAK@TEXL,1-4CG368.031041C
93160Oct 1OAK@TEXL,5-6CG438.1911110C
94161Oct 2OAK@TEXL,7-8CG388.070180C

1977 Fielding Game Log (as P)

1977 Fielding Game Log (as C)

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