Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.
Triple Plays: 1 (Apr 22)

2016 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2016 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 4CHW@OAKW,4-3CG369.0920110C
24 (2)Apr 7CHW@OAKW,6-1CG359.060060C
37 (2)Apr 11CHW@MINW,4-1CG349.080080C
49 (1)Apr 14CHW@MINW,3-1CG349.060060C
511 (1)Apr 16CHW@TBRL,2-7GF142.030030C
612Apr 17CHW@TBRL,2-3CG308.0920110C
713Apr 18CHWLAAL,0-7CG419.051060C
814Apr 19CHWLAAW,5-0CG329.071080C
916 (1)Apr 21CHWLAAL,2-3GF51.000000C
1017Apr 22CHWTEXW,5-0CG319.061070C
1118Apr 23CHWTEXW,4-3GF225.041160C
1219Apr 24CHWTEXW,4-1CG379.070070C
1320Apr 25CHW@TORW,7-5CG429.090090C
1421Apr 26CHW@TORW,10-1CG329.0910100C
1522Apr 27CHW@TORW,4-0CG349.01300130C
1624 (1)Apr 29CHW@BALL,3-6CG348.081090C
1725Apr 30CHW@BALW,8-7CG439.052180C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1826May 1CHW@BALW,7-1CG409.01100110C
1927May 3CHWBOSW,4-1CG309.060060C
2028May 4CHWBOSL,2-5CG399.080080C
2130 (1)May 6CHWMINW,10-4CG379.072090C
2231May 7CHWMINW,7-2CG359.01200120C
2332May 8CHWMINW,3-1CG369.081090C
2434 (1)May 10CHW@TEXL,11-13CG438.090090C
2535May 11CHW@TEXL,5-6CG388.030030C
2637 (1)May 14CHW@NYYL,1-2CG308.060060C
2739 (1)May 17CHWHOUL,5-6GS337.070070C
2840May 18CHWHOUL,3-5GS357.041050C
2943 (2)May 21CHWKCRL,1-2CG369.081090C
3045 (1)May 23 (1)CHWCLEW,7-6CG379.061070C
3148 (2)May 25CHWCLEL,3-4CG389.0910100C
3249May 27CHW@KCRL,5-7CG378.070070C
3351 (1)May 29CHW@KCRL,4-5CG378.080080C
3453 (1)May 31CHW@NYMW,6-4CG409.081090C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3556 (2)Jun 4CHW@DETL,4-7CG398.020020C
3658 (1)Jun 7CHWWSNL,5-10CG459.071080C
3760 (1)Jun 9CHWWSNW,3-1CG319.01000100C
3862 (1)Jun 11CHWKCRL,1-4CG369.01000100C
3964 (1)Jun 13CHWDETW,10-9CG5912.070070C
4066 (1)Jun 15CHWDETW,5-3CG369.01000100C
4168 (1)Jun 18CHW@CLEL,2-13CG478.01001110C
4271 (2)Jun 21CHW@BOSW,3-1CG369.01100110C
4372Jun 22CHW@BOSW,8-6CG459.071080C
4473Jun 23CHW@BOSL,7-8GF40.100000C
4575 (1)Jun 25CHWTORL,8-10CG459.060060C
4678 (2)Jun 29CHWMINW,9-6CG439.090090C
4779Jun 30CHWMINW,6-5CG359.01020120C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4882 (2)Jul 3CHW@HOUW,4-1CG339.090090C
4983Jul 4CHWNYYW,8-2CG409.01001110C
5084Jul 5CHWNYYL,0-9GF214.040041C
5185Jul 6CHWNYYW,5-0CG359.060060C
5286Jul 8CHWATLL,8-11CG459.090090C
5387Jul 9CHWATLW,5-4CG379.081090C
5488Jul 10CHWATLL,0-2CG359.021030C
5589Jul 15CHW@LAAL,0-7CG348.070070C
5690Jul 16CHW@LAAL,0-1CG278.021030C
5792 (1)Jul 18CHW@SEAL,3-4CG348.270070C
5893Jul 19CHW@SEAW,6-1CG369.01100110C
5994Jul 20CHW@SEAL,5-6CG4310.11000100C
6095Jul 21CHWDETL,1-2CG297.050050C
6196Jul 22CHWDETL,5-7GF41.020020PH C
6297Jul 23 suspCHWDETW,4-3CG389.01101120C
6398Jul 24CHWDETW,5-4CG379.070070C
6499Jul 25CHWCHCW,5-4CG429.01110120C
65100Jul 26CHWCHCW,3-0CG359.061180C
66101Jul 27CHW@CHCL,1-8CG378.040040C
67102Jul 28CHW@CHCL,1-3CG358.051060C
68103Jul 29CHW@MINL,1-2CG4711.11300130C
69104Jul 30CHW@MINW,6-5CG4310.060280C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
70106 (1)Aug 2CHW@DETL,5-11CG448.041050C
71107Aug 3CHW@DETL,1-2CG308.01310141C
72109 (1)Aug 5CHWBALL,5-7CG429.040040C
73111 (1)Aug 7CHWBALL,2-10CG489.020020C
74112Aug 9CHW@KCRW,7-5CG4010.01000100C
75113Aug 10CHW@KCRL,2-3GF265.261070C
76114Aug 11CHW@KCRL,1-2CG308.01020120C
77116 (1)Aug 13CHW@MIAW,8-7CG409.051060C
78119 (2)Aug 17CHW@CLEW,10-7GS398.040040C
79120Aug 18CHW@CLEL,4-5GF20.100000PH C
80121Aug 19CHWOAKL,0-9CG439.070070C
81122Aug 20CHWOAKW,6-2CG369.090090C
82125 (2)Aug 24CHWPHIL,3-5CG399.01000100C
83126Aug 25CHWSEAW,7-6CG389.050050C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Chicago White Sox to Toronto Blue Jays
84135Sep 3TOR@TBRL,5-7CG388.01310140C
85137 (1)Sep 5TOR@NYYL,3-5GF72.030030PH C
86140 (2)Sep 9TORBOSL,3-13CG499.072090C
87145 (4)Sep 14TORTBRL,1-8CG439.01100110C
88149 (3)Sep 18TOR@LAAL,0-4CG398.070180C
89151 (1)Sep 20TOR@SEAW,10-2GF72.000000C
90154 (2)Sep 24TORNYYW,3-0CG309.081090C

2016 Fielding Gamelog (as C)

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