Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1961 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

1961 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 10CHW@WSAW,4-3CG369.0140503B
22Apr 14CHW@DETL,0-7CG408.0000003B
33Apr 15CHW@DETL,2-6CG378.0220413B
44Apr 19CHWWSAL,2-7CG419.0340703B
55Apr 20CHWWSAW,6-1CG419.0010103B
66Apr 21CHWBOSW,3-2CG359.0120313B
77Apr 22CHWBOSL,6-7CG4711.0141603B
88Apr 23 (1)CHWBOSL,3-4CG369.0340713B
99Apr 23 (2)CHWBOSW,7-1CG339.0020203B
1010Apr 27CHW@KCAW,9-1CG339.0100103B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1118 (7)May 6CHWDETL,8-11CG509.0031403B
1219May 7 (1)CHWDETL,6-8CG419.0010103B
1320May 7 (2)CHWDETL,3-5CG409.0020203B
1421May 9CHWCLEW,4-2CG349.0140513B
1522May 10CHWCLEL,2-8CG5411.0421713B
1623May 12CHWKCAW,2-1CG329.0120303B
1724May 13CHWKCAW,10-1CG369.0031423B
1825May 14 (1)CHWKCAW,6-1CG309.0130413B
1926May 14 (2)CHWKCAL,3-5CG409.0110203B
2027May 15CHWMINL,0-5CG419.0050503B
2128May 16CHWMINW,5-4CG379.0030303B
2229May 18CHW@LAAW,6-4CG399.0230513B
2330May 19 (1)CHW@LAAL,3-4CG368.0220403B
2431May 19 (2)CHW@LAAL,3-5CG358.0311503B
2532May 21 (1)CHW@BOSW,6-5CG4210.0040413B
2633May 21 (2)CHW@BOSL,1-4CG328.0100103B
2734May 22CHW@BOSL,1-4CG348.0140503B
2836 (1)May 24 (1)CHW@BALL,1-2CG318.0020203B
2937May 24 (2)CHW@BALL,3-5CG358.0110203B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3051 (13)Jun 10CHW@WSAL,3-4GS359.0610711B
3153 (1)Jun 11 (2)CHW@BALW,7-1GF31.020020PR 1B
3255 (1)Jun 13 (1)CHWLAAW,2-1GS236.0050503B
3356Jun 13 (2)CHWLAAW,10-2GF61.000000PR 1B
3458 (1)Jun 14 (2)CHWLAAW,9-8GF51.0100111B
3563 (4)Jun 18 (2)CHWMINW,10-7CG429.0700711B
3664Jun 20CHWCLEW,5-3CG419.0600601B
3765Jun 21 (1)CHWCLEW,15-3GS174.0700701B
3866Jun 21 (2)CHWCLEW,11-1GF51.0000001B
3967Jun 23CHWWSAW,4-3GF307.0900901B
4068Jun 24CHWWSAW,12-6CG399.012101301B
4169Jun 25 (1)CHWWSAW,7-3CG369.0700711B
4270Jun 25 (2)CHWWSAW,6-3CG349.0600611B
4371Jun 27 (1)CHW@DETW,6-5CG429.0600601B
4472Jun 27 (2)CHW@DETW,11-1CG359.010101121B
4573Jun 28CHW@DETL,5-12CG468.07301001B
4674Jun 29CHW@DETL,2-5CG338.0600611B
4775Jun 30CHW@LAAL,3-10CG388.012101311B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4876Jul 1CHW@LAAW,6-4GS277.0100103B
4977Jul 2CHW@LAAL,3-8CG368.0130403B
5078Jul 3CHW@MINL,6-7CG368.0240603B
5179Jul 4 (1)CHW@MINL,4-6GS195.0230513B
5285 (5)Jul 9 (1)CHW@CLEW,7-5GF41.0100101B
5386Jul 9 (2)CHW@CLEW,9-8CG439.014001411B
5487Jul 13CHWNYYL,2-6CG419.0900911B
5588Jul 14CHWNYYW,6-1CG379.0700731B
5689Jul 15CHWNYYL,8-9CG4810.0900901B
5790Jul 16 (1)CHWBOSW,4-3GS287.0900901B
5891Jul 16 (2)CHWBOSL,3-5CG5312.013011411B
5992Jul 17CHWBOSW,4-1CG379.0900901B
6093Jul 18CHWKCAW,4-3CG389.0810911B
6194Jul 19CHWKCAW,6-5CG409.0900901B
6295Jul 22 (1)CHWBALW,7-4CG379.0900921B
6396Jul 22 (2)CHWBALW,11-4GF31.000000PR 1B
64100 (3)Jul 26CHW@NYYL,2-5CG328.0140503B
65101Jul 27CHW@NYYL,3-4CG358.0231603B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
66106 (4)Aug 2 (2)CHW@CLEW,8-4CG409.010101101B
67107Aug 3CHW@CLEW,8-6CG409.07211001B
68108Aug 5CHWWSAW,8-3CG349.0600621B
69109Aug 6 (1)CHWWSAW,5-4CG359.09201111B
70113 (3)Aug 10CHWDETL,2-3GF31.0000001B
71119 (5)Aug 17CHW@NYYL,3-5GF113.0310401B
72122 (2)Aug 20 (1)CHW@KCAW,5-3GF31.010010PR 1B
73123Aug 20 (2)CHW@KCAW,7-0GF123.020020PR 1B
74127 (3)Aug 25CHWCLEW,3-2GF31.0000001B
75128Aug 26CHWCLEW,10-5GF82.011020PR 1B
76129Aug 27 (1)CHWCLEW,10-6GF122.0211401B
77131 (1)Aug 29CHW@DETW,4-3GF41.0000001B
78132Aug 30CHW@DETW,7-4GF72.0200201B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
79134 (1)Sep 1 (1)CHW@WSAW,3-2GF41.0000001B
80136 (1)Sep 2CHW@WSAW,12-7GF102.0300311B
81137Sep 3 (1)CHW@WSAW,5-4GF112.0101201B
82138Sep 3 (2)CHW@WSAW,4-1CG379.0600601B
83139Sep 4 (1)CHW@MINL,5-9GF174.0210301B
84140Sep 4 (2)CHW@MINW,9-5GF82.0100101B
85142 (1)Sep 6 (1)CHW@MINW,6-3GF51.0100101B
86144 (1)Sep 8CHW@LAAW,5-3GF31.0020201B
87146 (1)Sep 10CHW@LAAL,3-4GF102.0200201B
88148 (1)Sep 14 (1)CHWNYYW,8-3GF122.0000001B
89149Sep 14 (2)CHWNYYW,4-3CG359.09201101B
90152 (2)Sep 17 (1)CHWLAAW,8-1GF103.0310401B
91155 (2)Sep 20CHWBOSW,3-1CG379.010301321B
92156Sep 22CHWBALL,6-8CG399.0800811B
93158 (1)Sep 24 (2)CHWBALL,3-5CG419.0310401B
94161 (2)Sep 27CHW@BOSL,4-6CG398.0800811B
95162Sep 29CHW@BALL,2-3CG359.1510601B
96163Sep 30CHW@BALL,3-4CG398.1610711B

1961 Fielding Gamelog (as 1B)

1961 Fielding Gamelog (as 3B)

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