Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1978 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

1978 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 8MILBALW,16-3CG359.071080C
24 (1)Apr 11MILNYYW,9-6CG449.040040C
35Apr 12MILNYYW,5-3CG349.01410150C
46Apr 14MIL@BALL,5-6CG368.0910100C
58 (1)Apr 16 (1)MIL@BALL,5-7GS296.020020C
610 (1)Apr 17MIL@BOSL,2-9GS377.050050C
712 (1)Apr 20MIL@BOSL,4-10GS387.050050C
813Apr 21MIL@NYYW,9-2CG399.050050C
915 (1)Apr 23MIL@NYYW,3-2CG339.040040C
1016Apr 25MILBOSL,3-4CG399.060060C
1118 (1)Apr 28MIL@KCRL,6-7CG398.030030C
1219Apr 29MIL@KCRL,2-11CG418.050050C
1320Apr 30MIL@KCRL,0-3GF92.000000C
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1421May 2MILCHWL,3-5CG399.040040C
1522May 3MILCHWW,4-0CG309.010010C
1623May 5MILKCRW,9-0CG309.040040C
1724May 6MILKCRW,4-3CG359.035080C
1825May 7MILKCRL,6-8GS418.030030C
1926May 9MILTEXL,1-7CG409.030030C
2027May 10MILTEXL,3-4GS297.030030C
2130 (2)May 14MIL@CHWW,5-4GS256.011020C
2231May 15MIL@TEXL,6-8GF51.000000C
2332May 16MIL@TEXW,4-3CG379.040040C
2434 (1)May 18MILDETW,8-7CG419.061070C
2536 (1)May 20MILCALW,6-4CG409.070180C
2637May 21MILCALW,2-1CG349.070070C
2738May 23MIL@OAKW,3-2CG349.041051C
2840 (1)May 26MIL@CALL,5-6GS327.011020C
2941May 27MIL@CALW,4-2CG359.020020C
3043 (1)May 29MILOAKL,2-6CG379.060061C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3146 (2)Jun 1MIL@DETL,3-4GS297.011020C
3247Jun 2MILCLEL,6-7GF61.010010C
3348Jun 3MILCLEL,4-6CG409.071080C
3450 (1)Jun 4 (2)MILCLEW,9-4CG379.041050C
3552 (1)Jun 7MILDETL,1-8GS327.000000C
3656 (3)Jun 11 (2)MILTORW,5-4GS307.041160C
3757Jun 12MIL@DETW,7-4CG399.050050C
3859 (1)Jun 14 (1)MIL@TORW,7-5CG399.020020C
3961 (1)Jun 16MIL@CLEW,8-6GS338.010010C
4064 (2)Jun 18 (2)MIL@CLEW,4-1CG359.030030C
4166 (1)Jun 21MILBALW,5-3CG359.041050C
4268 (1)Jun 23MILSEAL,0-3CG399.031040C
4372 (3)Jun 27MILMINW,13-6CG389.043071C
4474 (1)Jun 28 (2)MILNYYW,7-2CG349.020020C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4576 (1)Jul 1MIL@SEAW,4-0CG339.041050C
4678 (1)Jul 3MIL@MINL,2-7GS347.031040C
4780 (1)Jul 5MIL@MINL,1-3CG368.030030C
4883 (2)Jul 9MILNYYW,8-4CG389.030030C
4984Jul 13MILKCRW,13-2CG339.040040C
5085Jul 14MILKCRL,2-9GS327.020130C
5188 (2)Jul 17MILCHWW,6-1CG349.060060C
5289Jul 18MILCHWW,7-2CG359.010010C
5392 (2)Jul 21MIL@TEXW,4-3CG379.031042C
5494 (1)Jul 23MIL@TEXW,17-8CG449.040040C
5596 (1)Jul 25MIL@CHWL,2-4GS255.020020C
5699 (2)Jul 28MIL@TORL,2-3GS389.050050C
57101 (1)Jul 30MIL@TORW,10-5CG379.021030C
58102Jul 31 suspMIL@BALL,5-6GF81.210010PR C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
59104 (1)Aug 3MIL@BALL,2-3CG409.261181C
60105Aug 4MILBOSW,6-2CG349.030030C
61107 (1)Aug 6MILBOSL,0-4GS358.050050C
62109 (1)Aug 9MIL@NYYL,7-8CG438.150160C
63112 (2)Aug 12 (1)MIL@BOSL,1-3GS317.030030C
64115 (2)Aug 14MIL@BOSW,4-3CG419.050050C
65118 (2)Aug 16 (2)MILTORW,3-2GS287.020020C
66120 (1)Aug 18MILDETW,2-0CG359.020020C
67124 (3)Aug 22 (2)MILCLEW,5-4CG399.050160C
68125Aug 23MILCLEW,9-4GS338.010010C
69126Aug 24MILCLEL,8-9GS4810.031040C
70128 (1)Aug 26MIL@DETW,9-5CG389.050050C
71129Aug 27MIL@DETL,2-4GS276.020020C
72131 (1)Aug 29MIL@CLEW,6-0CG339.020020C
73133 (1)Aug 31 (2)MIL@CLEL,6-12CG448.040150C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
74134Sep 1MILTEXL,4-5GS297.030030C
75136 (1)Sep 3MILTEXW,4-3CG389.051170C
76138 (1)Sep 4 (2)MILSEAW,5-0CG319.070070C
77139Sep 6MIL@TORW,7-0CG319.010010C
78141 (1)Sep 8MIL@MINW,3-0CG309.032051C
79143 (1)Sep 10MIL@MINL,1-3GS216.050050C
80144Sep 11MIL@SEAW,5-3CG379.030030C
81146 (1)Sep 13MILBALW,7-5CG419.060060C
82148 (1)Sep 15MILMINL,3-10GS447.050050C
83149Sep 16MILMINL,2-5CG379.040040C
84151 (1)Sep 18MIL@NYYL,3-4GS286.020020C
85153 (1)Sep 20MIL@KCRW,5-4GS317.041050C
86155 (1)Sep 22MILOAKW,3-0CG309.050050C
87156Sep 23MILOAKW,13-4CG379.040040C
88158 (1)Sep 26MIL@CALL,3-4CG399.221030C
89160 (1)Sep 29MIL@OAKW,3-1CG319.030030C

1978 Fielding Gamelog (as C)

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