Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1940 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1940 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 16BSNBROL,0-5CG379.051060C
22Apr 23BSN@BROL,3-8CG408.050160C
33Apr 24BSN@BROL,6-8GF132.040040C
44Apr 25BSN@NYGL,1-9GS0 10010
55Apr 26BSN@NYGL,3-5CG388.041050C
66Apr 27BSNPHIL,4-5CG389.0920110C
78 (1)Apr 30BSN@CHCL,7-8CG09.021030
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
89May 3BSN@STLW,4-2CG09.071080
911 (1)May 5BSN@PITW,5-1CG349.042060C
1012May 6BSN@PITW,10-7CG5812.021030C
1113May 7BSN@PITW,11-9CG469.040040C
1214May 8BSN@CINW,10-4CG359.030030C
1316 (1)May 11BSNNYGL,2-10GS0 43071
1417May 12BSNNYGL,2-3CG09.020020
1518May 13BSNNYGL,5-11GS102.000000C
1619May 15BSNCHCL,0-2CG359.0820100C
1720May 16BSNCHCL,4-5CG09.030030
1821May 18BSNPITW,15-5CG09.050050
1922May 19BSNCINL,4-8CG399.011130C
2023May 20BSNCINW,13-4CG399.011020C
2124May 24BSN@NYGL,1-8GS142.000000C
2225May 26BSN@NYGL,8-10CG08.061070
2326May 27BSNNYGW,7-1CG319.020020C
2427May 29BSNPHIW,3-1GS0 10010
2528May 30 (1)BSNPHIL,1-5GS327.000110C
2629May 30 (2)BSNPHIW,5-1CG4011.051061C
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2730Jun 1BSN@CINL,2-3CG348.071081C
2832 (1)Jun 2 (2)BSN@CINW,2-0CG369.041050C
2933Jun 3BSN@CINL,2-3CG308.042061C
3034Jun 4BSN@PITL,2-14GS357.024060C
3135Jun 6BSN@PITL,6-7GS0 00000
3236Jun 7BSN@CHCL,3-5CG08.033060
3337Jun 8BSN@CHCL,1-3CG358.031040C
3438Jun 9 (1)BSN@CHCL,1-7GS0 30030
3539Jun 9 (2)BSN@CHCL,8-15GS0 20020
3640Jun 10BSN@STLW,12-2CG09.020020
Player went from Boston Bees to Pittsburgh Pirates
3744Jun 16 (1)PIT@NYGW,5-0CG09.040040
3846 (1)Jun 17 (1)PIT@BSNL,3-5CG378.011020C
3948 (1)Jun 19PIT@BSNW,5-1CG359.050050C
4049Jun 20PIT@BSNW,8-7CG449.020020C
4150Jun 21PIT@BROL,8-10GS295.000000C
4251Jun 22PIT@BROW,7-2CG409.030030C
4352Jun 23 (1)PIT@BROW,8-5CG429.030030C
4454 (1)Jun 25PIT@PHIW,9-7CG429.040040C
4555Jun 26 (1)PIT@PHIL,2-4CG328.030031C
4657 (1)Jun 28PITSTLL,2-8CG09.070070
4758Jun 30 (1)PITSTLL,0-1CG09.0821110
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4860 (1)Jul 1PIT@CHCW,4-3CG4110.071080C
4961Jul 2PIT@CHCL,0-10GS295.020130C
5063 (1)Jul 4 (1)PIT@CINL,1-9CG418.040041C
5165 (1)Jul 5PIT@CINL,4-5CG438.221030C
5266Jul 6 (1)PIT@STLW,15-8CG09.061070
5367Jul 6 (2)PIT@STLW,4-3GF0 10010
5469 (1)Jul 7 (2)PIT@STLW,4-1CG09.070070
5570Jul 12PITPHIL,3-6CG419.021030C
5671Jul 13PITPHIW,9-8CG09.081090
5773 (1)Jul 14 (2)PITBROL,0-2CG409.01000100C
5875 (1)Jul 15 (2)PITBROW,4-3CG389.051060C
5976Jul 16PITBROW,5-3CG369.033060C
6077Jul 18PITNYGL,1-6CG09.050050
6179 (1)Jul 20PITBSNW,17-6GS0 70070
6281 (1)Jul 21 (2)PITBSNW,16-2CG08.050051
6382Jul 23PIT@NYGL,1-9CG08.051060
6483Jul 25PIT@NYGW,2-182.000000C
6584Jul 26PIT@BSNW,9-0CG379.050050C
6685Jul 27PIT@BSNW,10-4GF0 41050
6787 (1)Jul 28 (2)PIT@BSNW,7-3CG09.050050
6888Jul 29PIT@BROL,6-7GS398.070070C
6989Jul 30PIT@BROW,8-2CG399.041050C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
7090Aug 1 (1)PIT@BROL,3-8CG378.040040C
7191Aug 1 (2)PIT@BROL,7-8GF174.030030C
7292Aug 2PIT@PHIW,5-2CG010.041050
7395 (2)Aug 4 (2)PIT@PHIW,6-4CG419.060060C
7496Aug 6PITSTLW,3-1CG369.071081C
7597Aug 7 (1)PITSTLW,10-9CG469.0920110C
7699 (1)Aug 9PITCHCW,6-2CG309.051061C
77100Aug 10PITCHCL,0-1GF31.001010PH C
78101Aug 11 (1)PITCHCW,7-3CG09.032050
79103 (1)Aug 12PITCINW,4-2CG369.030030C
80104Aug 13PITCINL,3-4GF51.000000C
81105Aug 14PIT@STLL,6-7GS419.010010C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
82123 (17)Sep 1 (2)PITSTLT,5-5CG011.060060
83124Sep 2 (1)PITCHCW,5-2GF92.021031C
84125Sep 2 (2)PITCHCL,1-7CG399.011020C
85126Sep 4PIT@CINL,2-3CG4611.140040C
86127Sep 5PIT@CINL,3-6CG378.031040C
87129 (1)Sep 8 (1)PIT@STLW,16-14GF0 00000
88130Sep 8 (2)PIT@STLW,5-4CG05.021030
89131Sep 10 (1)PIT@PHIW,11-3CG399.040040C
90132Sep 10 (2)PIT@PHIW,11-1GF103.000000C
91133Sep 11PIT@PHIW,9-3CG09.031041
92134Sep 12 (1)PIT@BROL,0-7GS297.040040C
93135Sep 12 (2)PIT@BROL,4-7GF122.010010C
94139 (3)Sep 15 (1)PIT@NYGW,10-3GF0 10010
95140Sep 15 (2)PIT@NYGW,4-3GF0 50050

1940 Fielding Game Log (as C)

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