Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1910 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1910 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 14WSHPHAW,3-0CG09.030030
22Apr 15WSHPHAL,2-8CG09.020020
33Apr 16WSHPHAW,4-3CG09.050050
44Apr 19 (1)WSH@BOSL,1-2CG08.010010
55Apr 19 (2)WSH@BOSL,4-5CG08.120020
66Apr 20WSH@BOSW,12-4CG09.000000
77Apr 21WSH@BOSL,3-10CG08.031041
88Apr 22WSHNYYL,1-3CG09.050050
99Apr 23WSHNYYT,0-0CG06.040040
1010Apr 25WSHNYYL,2-5CG09.011020
1111Apr 26WSHNYYW,9-7CG09.021140
1212Apr 27WSHBOSL,1-11CG09.000000
1313Apr 28WSHBOSW,2-1CG012.060060
1414Apr 29WSHBOSL,3-9CG09.021030
1515Apr 30WSHBOSL,3-5CG09.000000
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1616May 2WSH@NYYL,2-3CG09.110010
1717May 3WSH@NYYW,8-3CG09.010010
1818May 4WSH@NYYL,2-4CG08.010010
1919May 5WSH@PHAL,1-10CG08.040260
2020May 6WSH@PHAL,3-4CG08.221031
2125 (4)May 14WSHCLEW,1-0CG09.030030
2226May 16WSHCLEW,3-1GS0 00000
2328 (1)May 18WSHCLEW,4-3GF05.000000
2430 (1)May 20WSHSLBT,1-1CG06.000000
2531May 21WSHSLBL,2-3CG09.020020
2632May 23WSHSLBW,7-2CG09.030030
2733May 24WSHDETW,3-2CG06.040040
2834May 25WSHDETW,2-0CG07.010010
2935May 26WSHDETL,1-5CG09.000000
3036May 27WSHDETW,2-1CG09.000000
3137May 28WSH@NYYW,4-3CG09.040040
3238May 30 (1)WSH@NYYL,1-3CG08.010010
3339May 30 (2)WSH@NYYL,0-3CG08.020020
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3443 (3)Jun 6WSH@DETL,1-4CG08.010010
3544Jun 7WSH@DETL,2-4CG08.000000
3645Jun 8WSH@DETL,1-5CG08.021031
3746Jun 9WSH@DETW,7-1CG09.010010
3847Jun 10WSH@CHWW,1-0CG09.021031
3948Jun 11WSH@CHWW,3-0CG09.010010
4049Jun 12WSH@CHWW,2-0CG09.010010
4150Jun 13WSH@CHWL,1-2CG012.120020
4251Jun 15WSH@SLBL,4-5CG08.010010
4352Jun 16WSH@SLBW,6-2CG09.030030
4453Jun 18WSH@SLBL,0-9CG08.010010
4554Jun 19WSH@SLBW,4-1CG09.020020
4655Jun 21WSH@BOSL,2-3CG08.010010
4756Jun 22 (1)WSH@BOSL,0-6CG08.010010
4857Jun 22 (2)WSH@BOSL,1-2CG08.120020
4958Jun 23WSH@BOSL,1-2GS0 31040
5059Jun 24WSH@BOSL,1-2CG08.010120
5160Jun 25WSHNYYL,4-7CG09.010010
5261Jun 27 (1)WSHNYYL,3-4CG010.041050
5362Jun 27 (2)WSHNYYW,2-1CG09.020020
5463Jun 28WSHNYYL,7-9CG09.030030
5564Jun 29WSHNYYL,1-2CG09.011020
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5665Jul 1WSHBOSW,2-1CG09.000000
5766Jul 2WSHBOSL,2-3CG09.010010
5867Jul 4 (1)WSHBOSL,2-3CG014.031040
5968Jul 4 (2)WSHBOSL,3-6CG09.020020
6069Jul 5WSHPHAL,2-3CG09.000000
6170Jul 6WSHPHAL,2-3CG09.010010
6271Jul 7WSHPHAW,4-1CG09.020020
6372Jul 8WSHSLBW,12-3CG09.010010
6473Jul 9 (1)WSHSLBL,6-9CG09.020130
6574Jul 9 (2)WSHSLBW,3-2CG09.050050
6675Jul 11WSHSLBW,6-2CG09.020020
6776Jul 12WSHSLBT,4-4CG08.000000
6877Jul 13WSH@DETL,6-7CG08.230030
6978Jul 14WSH@DETL,1-7CG08.030030
7079Jul 15WSH@DETW,7-3CG09.030030
7181 (1)Jul 19 (1)WSHCLEW,7-0CG09.000000
7282Jul 19 (2)WSHCLEL,2-5CG011.020020
7383Jul 20WSHCLEW,8-4CG09.010010
7484Jul 21WSHCLEW,8-1CG09.010120
7585Jul 22 (1)WSHCHWL,1-5CG09.040040
7686Jul 22 (2)WSHCHWW,2-0CG09.010010
7787Jul 23WSHCHWW,4-1CG09.000000
7888Jul 25 (1)WSHCHWL,2-4CG09.022040
7989Jul 25 (2)WSHCHWW,5-1CG09.000000
8090Jul 26WSHCHWL,2-3CG09.030030
8191Jul 27WSH@PHAW,5-4CG09.01030131
8292Jul 28WSH@PHAW,6-5CG010.01601171
8393Jul 29WSH@PHAL,0-4CG08.01402160
8494Jul 30WSH@PHAL,5-7CG08.071081
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
8595Aug 1WSH@SLBL,4-5CG08.01300130
8696Aug 2WSH@SLBL,3-5GS0 70180
87104 (7)Aug 9 (2)WSH@CLEW,1-0GF0 00000
88105Aug 10 (1)WSH@CLEL,2-3GF0 00000
89106Aug 10 (2)WSH@CLET,0-0CG09.020020
90107Aug 11 (1)WSH@CLEW,6-0CG09.020020
91108Aug 11 (2)WSH@CLEW,4-3CG09.000000
92109Aug 12WSH@CLEW,9-0GS0 10010
93153 (43)Oct 3WSH@NYYW,4-0GF0 00000
94154Oct 4WSH@NYYL,5-8CG08.020020

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