Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1961 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1961 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 11LAA@BALW,7-2GS266.0400411B
22Apr 15LAA@BOSL,0-3CG368.0410501B
33Apr 17LAA@BOSL,2-3CG348.012001221B
44Apr 20 (1)LAA@NYYL,5-7CG378.09101001B
55Apr 20 (2)LAA@NYYL,2-4CG338.011101211B
67 (1)Apr 23 (1)LAA@DETL,1-3CG338.09101011B
78Apr 23 (2)LAA@DETL,2-310.000000PH 1B
89Apr 27LAAMINL,2-4GS358.0800801B
910Apr 28LAAMINW,6-5CG5212.015011611B
1011Apr 29LAAMINW,4-172.000000PH 1B
1112Apr 30 (1)LAAKCAW,6-4132.040040PH 1B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1214 (1)May 2LAABALL,6-7CG419.010001031B
1315May 3LAABALW,7-6CG419.0800801B
1416May 4LAABALL,7-8GS308.010101111B
1517May 5LAANYYL,4-5CG419.011001121B
1618May 6LAANYYW,5-3CG369.014201611B
1719May 7LAANYYW,5-3CG379.012101301B
1820May 8LAABOSW,6-5CG379.012111421B
1921May 9LAABOSW,8-7GS286.0401501B
2023 (1)May 12LAA@MINL,4-5CG348.0600611B
2124May 13LAA@MINL,6-13CG428.0610701B
2225May 14LAA@MINL,3-4GF71.010010PH 1B
2327 (1)May 16LAA@KCAL,4-6CG418.0200201B
2428May 18LAACHWL,4-6CG419.08201011B
2529May 19 (1)LAACHWW,4-3GF82.020020PH 1B
2631 (1)May 21 (1)LAAWSAL,2-6CG439.012001221B
2734 (2)May 23LAACLEW,9-0CG369.013001301B
2835May 24LAACLEL,1-7CG429.0700721B
2936May 25LAACLEL,5-13GS295.0800811B
3037May 26LAADETW,5-4CG409.0600621B
3138May 27LAADETW,10-1CG379.0610711B
3240 (1)May 30LAA@WSAL,1-5CG408.0801901B
3341May 31LAA@WSAW,5-3CG5512.013001301B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3442Jun 1LAA@WSAL,2-3CG358.212101341B
3544 (1)Jun 3LAA@CLEL,4-9CG408.0900911B
3645Jun 4 (1)LAA@CLEL,3-5CG378.0810921B
3747 (1)Jun 5LAA@BALW,3-0CG379.0510601B
3848Jun 6 (1)LAA@BALW,7-3CG359.011001131B
3949Jun 6 (2)LAA@BALL,0-2GF31.000000PH 1B
4051 (1)Jun 8 (1)LAA@BOSL,5-6CG358.0800811B
4153 (1)Jun 9 (1)LAA@BOSL,3-5CG358.0400411B
4255 (1)Jun 10LAA@BOSW,10-5CG439.0800831B
4356Jun 11 (1)LAA@NYYL,1-2CG328.010111211B
4458 (1)Jun 12LAA@NYYL,1-3CG348.0710811B
4559Jun 13 (1)LAA@CHWL,1-2CG338.0900901B
4661 (1)Jun 14 (1)LAA@CHWL,1-4CG388.0610701B
4768 (6)Jun 21LAABOSW,5-1CG379.012111411B
4869Jun 22LAABOSL,2-3CG399.0700701B
4971 (1)Jun 24LAABALW,4-1GS327.0600601B
5075 (3)Jun 28LAANYYW,5-3CG349.0610711B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5177 (1)Jul 1LAACHWL,4-6CG419.012001201B
5280 (2)Jul 4 (1)LAAKCAW,12-5CG429.010001011B
5382 (1)Jul 5LAA@MINW,6-2GF92.0200201B
5486 (3)Jul 9 (1)LAA@DETL,0-1CG338.0610711B
5588 (1)Jul 14LAA@CLEL,5-7GS195.0500511B
5693 (4)Jul 19 (1)LAAMINL,0-6CG429.0900911B
5798 (4)Jul 24LAADETL,2-5GS318.0800811B
58100 (1)Jul 26LAADETL,4-5CG399.013001301B
59101Jul 28LAACLEW,8-5GS276.0900901B
60103 (1)Jul 30LAACLEW,8-6GS398.0810901B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
61105 (1)Aug 2 (2)LAA@BOSL,7-8GS276.0800811B
62111 (5)Aug 8LAA@NYYL,4-5GS379.09201101B
63115 (3)Aug 12LAA@CLEW,3-0CG309.0900911B
64116Aug 13LAA@CLEW,8-7GS276.0510601B
65117Aug 14LAA@WSAW,5-1GS236.0600601B
66133 (15)Aug 30LAABALL,4-11CG479.0310401B

1961 Fielding Game Log (as 1B)

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