Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2014 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2014 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 1NYY@HOUL,2-6CG348.0020203B
22Apr 2NYY@HOUL,1-3GS226.0120313B
34 (1)Apr 4NYY@TORW,7-3GS359.0510613B 1B
45Apr 5NYY@TORL,0-4CG328.0800801B
56Apr 6NYY@TORW,6-4CG379.0720901B
67Apr 7NYYBALW,4-2CG349.010101111B
78Apr 8NYYBALL,5-14GF102.0010102B
89Apr 9NYYBALL,4-5CG419.0621901B
910Apr 10NYYBOSW,4-1CG339.0500501B
1011Apr 11NYYBOSL,2-4CG379.012001201B
1112Apr 12NYYBOSW,7-4CG389.08201001B
1213Apr 13NYYBOSW,3-2CG379.0020203B
1314Apr 16 (1)NYYCHCW,3-0CG319.0800801B
1415Apr 16 (2)NYYCHCW,2-0CG359.0500501B
1516Apr 17NYY@TBRW,10-2GF133.010010PH 1B
1617Apr 18NYY@TBRL,5-11CG448.0900921B
1718Apr 19NYY@TBRL,1-16GS468.061070LF 1B
1821 (2)Apr 23NYY@BOSL,1-5CG388.0121403B
1922Apr 24NYY@BOSW,14-5GF31.001010PH 3B
2023Apr 25NYYLAAL,1-13GF82.000000PH 3B
2124Apr 26NYYLAAW,4-3CG409.0020203B
2225Apr 27NYYLAAW,3-2CG379.0000003B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2329 (3)May 3NYYTBRW,9-3CG369.0110203B
2430May 4NYYTBRL,1-5CG419.0000003B
2531May 5NYY@LAAL,1-4CG358.0210303B
2635 (3)May 10NYY@MILL,4-5GF92.001010PH 3B
2736May 11NYY@MILL,5-6GS306.0200203B
2837May 12NYYNYML,7-9CG419.010101101B
2938May 13NYYNYML,7-12CG459.0420601B
3040 (1)May 15NYY@NYMW,1-0GF154.1010103B
3142 (1)May 18 (1)NYYPITW,4-3CG359.0010103B
3243May 18 (2)NYYPITL,3-5GS328.0800801B
3345 (1)May 21NYY@CHCW,4-2102.0000003B
3447 (1)May 23NYY@CHWL,5-6GS306.0501601B
3548May 24NYY@CHWW,4-3GF72.000000PR 3B
3650 (1)May 26NYY@STLW,6-4GS359.09101001B
3751May 27NYY@STLL,0-6GS296.0611801B
3852May 28NYY@STLW,7-4CG449.0040403B
3954 (1)May 31NYYMINW,3-1GS349.0101203B 1B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4055Jun 1NYYMINL,2-7CG419.0800801B
4156Jun 2NYYSEAL,2-10CG429.07311101B
4262 (5)Jun 8NYY@KCRL,1-2CG288.010101121B
4366 (3)Jun 13NYY@OAKW,7-0CG319.0120303B
4467Jun 14NYY@OAKL,1-5CG368.0010103B
4568Jun 15NYY@OAKL,5-10CG408.0020203B
4669Jun 17NYYTORW,3-1CG369.0100103B
4771 (1)Jun 19NYYTORW,6-4GS256.0010103B
4873 (1)Jun 21NYYBALL,1-6CG419.0011203B
4974Jun 22NYYBALL,0-8GS419.0211413B 1B
5075Jun 23NYY@TORL,3-8GS418.0120313B LF
5177 (1)Jun 25NYY@TORW,5-3CG379.0210303B
5278Jun 27NYYBOSW,6-0CG339.0220403B
5380 (1)Jun 29NYYBOSL,5-8CG429.0120323B
5481Jun 30NYYTBRL,3-4CG5312.0230503B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5583 (1)Jul 2NYYTBRL,3-6CG429.0630901B
5685 (1)Jul 4NYY@MINW,6-5GS307.0010103B
5786Jul 5NYY@MINL,1-2GF81.201010PH 3B
5887Jul 6NYY@MINW,9-7GS327.0051603B
5988Jul 7NYY@CLEW,5-3GS226.0020203B
6089Jul 8NYY@CLEL,3-5CG358.0720901B
6190Jul 9NYY@CLEW,5-4GF144.000000PH 3B
6293 (2)Jul 12NYY@BALW,3-0GS267.0030303B
6394Jul 13NYY@BALL,1-3CG204.010010LF
6495Jul 18NYYCINW,4-3GS328.0020203B
6596Jul 19NYYCINW,7-1CG349.0010103B
6697Jul 20NYYCINW,3-2GS246.0000003B
6798Jul 21NYYTEXL,2-4CG439.09201101B
6899Jul 22NYYTEXW,2-1GS3510.020020RF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from New York Yankees to Boston Red Sox
69117Aug 10BOS@LAAW,3-1CG369.0810911B
70119 (1)Aug 13BOS@CINW,5-4GS389.0110203B LF
71121 (1)Aug 15BOSHOUL,3-5GF102.0000002B
72123 (1)Aug 17BOSHOUL,1-8CG429.011101221B
73125 (1)Aug 19BOSLAAL,3-4GF185.002020PR 3B
74126Aug 20BOSLAAL,3-8CG419.0510601B
75127Aug 21BOSLAAL,0-2CG399.0810901B
76128Aug 22BOSSEAL,3-5GF91.0000001B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Boston Red Sox to Baltimore Orioles
77137Sep 2BALCINW,5-4GF41.0000003B
78138Sep 3BALCINW,6-0GS237.0000003B
79139Sep 4BALCINW,9-7GS337.0010103B
80141 (1)Sep 6BAL@TBRL,2-3GF71.2000003B
81142Sep 7BAL@TBRW,7-5CG5211.0010103B
82143Sep 8BAL@BOSW,4-0GF31.0000003B
83144Sep 9BAL@BOSW,4-1GF72.0020203B
84145Sep 10BAL@BOSW,10-6GF193.0100103B
85146Sep 12 (1)BALNYYW,2-1CG4311.0000003B
86147Sep 12 (2)BALNYYW,5-0GF72.0000003B
87149 (1)Sep 14BALNYYW,3-2CG359.0110203B
88150Sep 15BALTORW,5-2GS358.0120303B
89153 (2)Sep 19BALBOSL,3-5GF82.0011203B
90157 (3)Sep 23BAL@NYYW,5-4GS389.0110202B 3B
91158Sep 24BAL@NYYW,9-5GS379.0200212B 3B
92159Sep 25BAL@NYYL,5-6CG388.1131502B
93160Sep 26BAL@TORL,2-4CG368.0010103B
94161Sep 27BAL@TORL,2-4GF41.001010PH 3B

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