Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2013 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2013 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
12 (1)Apr 3TBRBALW,8-7GS297.01200121
24 (1)Apr 5TBRCLEW,4-0CG319.004040
35Apr 6TBRCLEW,6-0GS236.010010
46Apr 7TBRCLEL,0-13GF153.012031
58 (1)Apr 9TBR@TEXL,1-6CG388.001010
69Apr 10TBR@TEXW,2-0CG379.033062
711 (1)Apr 14TBR@BOSL,0-5CG348.020020
814 (2)Apr 17TBR@BALW,6-2CG379.016070
915Apr 18TBR@BALL,6-10CG409.021030
1016Apr 19TBROAKW,8-3GS297.001010
1118 (1)Apr 21TBROAKW,8-1GS266.020130
1221 (2)Apr 24TBRNYYW,3-0CG319.000000
1322Apr 25TBR@CHWL,2-5CG348.031040
1424 (1)Apr 27TBR@CHWW,10-4CG419.010010
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1527 (2)May 1TBR@KCRL,8-9CG418.000000
1628May 3TBR@COLW,7-4GS419.010010
1729May 4TBR@COLL,3-9CG398.000000
1830May 5TBR@COLW,8-3CG389.010010
1931May 6TBRTORL,7-8CG469.000000
2033 (1)May 8TBRTORW,10-4CG429.020020
2134May 9TBRTORW,5-4CG4110.000000
2236 (1)May 11TBRSDPW,8-7CG389.020020
2337May 12TBRSDPW,4-2CG359.000000
2438May 14TBRBOSW,5-3GS328.021030
2541 (2)May 17TBR@BALW,12-10GS378.050050
2642May 18TBR@BALW,10-6GS398.010010
2743May 19TBR@BALW,3-1GS236.020020
2845 (1)May 21TBR@TORW,4-3GS267.011020
2946May 22TBR@TORL,3-4GS288.011021
3047May 24TBRNYYL,4-9CG449.020020
3150 (2)May 27TBRMIAW,10-6GS388.020020
3251May 28TBRMIAW,7-6CG389.020020
3352May 29TBR@MIAW,3-1GS268.010010
3453May 30TBR@MIAW,5-2GS287.030030
3554May 31TBR@CLEW,9-2GS247.030030
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3655Jun 1TBR@CLEL,0-5CG368.020020
3756Jun 2TBR@CLEW,11-3CG369.020020
3857Jun 4TBR@DETL,1-10CG468.010010
3960 (2)Jun 7TBRBALW,2-1GS298.010010
4061Jun 8TBRBALW,8-0CG319.030030
4162Jun 9TBRBALL,7-10GS459.000000
4263Jun 10TBRBOSL,8-10GS6214.020021
4365 (1)Jun 12TBRBOSL,1-2CG379.040040
4466Jun 13TBRKCRL,1-10CG429.020020
4567Jun 14TBRKCRL,2-7CG419.001010
4668Jun 15TBRKCRW,5-3CG399.013040
4769Jun 16TBRKCRL,3-5CG429.013040
4871 (1)Jun 18 (2)TBR@BOSL,1-3CG338.050050
4976 (4)Jun 23TBR@NYYW,3-1GS297.030140
5078 (1)Jun 25TBRTORW,5-1CG399.023051
5180 (1)Jun 28TBRDETL,3-6GF297.013041
5281Jun 29TBRDETW,4-3GS389.016070
5382Jun 30TBRDETW,3-1CG369.023051
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5483Jul 1TBR@HOUW,12-0GF62.001010
5584Jul 2TBR@HOUW,8-0CG309.002021
5685Jul 3TBR@HOUL,1-4CG308.013040
5786Jul 4TBR@HOUW,7-5CG4511.031040
5887Jul 5TBRCHWW,8-3CG379.012030
5991 (3)Jul 9TBRMINW,4-1GS257.030030
6092Jul 10TBRMINW,4-3GS4612.020020
6193Jul 11TBRMINW,4-3GS216.010010
6296 (2)Jul 14TBRHOUW,5-0GS309.020020
6397Jul 19TBR@TORW,8-5GS297.080080
6499 (1)Jul 21TBR@TORW,4-3CG419.031041
65100Jul 22TBR@BOSW,3-0GS268.020020
66103 (2)Jul 26TBR@NYYW,10-6GF142.001010
67104Jul 27TBR@NYYW,1-0GS237.010010
68105Jul 28TBR@NYYL,5-6CG408.141050
69108 (2)Jul 31TBRARIL,0-7GF41.000000
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
70110 (1)Aug 3TBRSFGW,2-1GS288.000000
71113 (2)Aug 7TBR@ARIL,8-9GS367.110010
72115 (1)Aug 10TBR@LADL,0-5CG368.000000
73117 (1)Aug 13TBRSEAL,4-5GS378.000000
74118Aug 14TBRSEAW,5-4GS266.000110
75120 (1)Aug 16TBRTORW,5-4CG429.030030
76121Aug 17TBRTORL,2-6GF82.000000
77129 (7)Aug 26TBR@KCRL,1-11CG418.011020
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
78135 (5)Sep 1TBR@OAKL,1-5GF61.001010
79136Sep 2TBR@LAAL,2-11GF92.000000
80137Sep 3TBR@LAAW,7-1GS266.020020
81140 (2)Sep 6TBR@SEAL,4-6GF61.000000
82142 (1)Sep 8TBR@SEAW,4-1GS287.001011
83144 (1)Sep 11TBRBOSL,3-7GF133.000000
84147 (2)Sep 14TBR@MINW,7-0CG349.003031
85150 (2)Sep 17TBRTEXL,1-7GF51.001010
86152 (1)Sep 19TBRTEXL,2-8CG479.000000
87153Sep 20TBRBALW,5-441.000000
88155 (1)Sep 22TBRBALW,3-1GS257.003140
89157 (1)Sep 24TBR@NYYW,7-0GF185.013041
90158Sep 25TBR@NYYW,8-3CG379.001010
91160 (1)Sep 27TBR@TORL,3-6CG378.014050

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