Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2024 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2024 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Mar 20LAD@SDPW,5-2GF144.000000PH LF
23 (1)Mar 28LADSTLW,7-1GF41.000000PH CF
34Mar 29LADSTLW,6-3CG369.030030CF
46 (1)Mar 31LADSTLW,5-4GS306.0020203B
58 (1)Apr 2LADSFGW,5-4CG389.050050LF
69Apr 3LADSFGW,5-4CG349.010010CF
711 (1)Apr 6LAD@CHCW,4-1GS287.010010CF
812Apr 7LAD@CHCL,1-8GS398.040040CF 1B
915 (2)Apr 10LAD@MINL,2-3CG328.000000LF
1016Apr 12LADSDPL,7-8GF123.000000PH CF
1117Apr 13LADSDPW,5-2CG349.020020LF
1218Apr 14LADSDPL,3-6CG439.020020LF
1319Apr 15LADWSNL,4-6GS317.020020CF
1420Apr 16LADWSNW,6-2GS257.0030302B
1521Apr 17LADWSNL,0-2GF72.000000PH CF
1622Apr 19LADNYML,4-9GS327.0000002B
1724 (1)Apr 21LADNYMW,10-0GF174.0310401B
1825Apr 23LAD@WSNW,4-1GS297.010010LF
1927 (1)Apr 25LAD@WSNW,2-1CG359.0000003B
2028Apr 26LAD@TORW,12-2GF174.0500501B
2129Apr 27LAD@TORW,4-2CG359.0120303B
2231 (1)Apr 29LAD@ARIW,8-4CG399.010010LF
2332Apr 30LAD@ARIL,3-4GS409.0110203B LF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2433May 1LAD@ARIW,8-0CG379.0040413B
2534May 3LADATLW,4-3GF134.021030PH LF 2B
2636 (1)May 5LADATLW,5-1CG329.0020203B
2738 (1)May 7LADMIAW,8-2GF82.0200201B
2839May 8LADMIAW,3-1CG329.020020LF
2942 (2)May 12LAD@SDPL,0-4CG368.040040LF
3043May 13LAD@SFGW,6-4GF134.010010PH LF
3146 (2)May 16LADCINL,2-7CG409.0110203B
3247May 17LADCINW,7-3CG329.0030303B
3348May 18LADCINW,4-0CG309.0120303B
3449May 19LADCINW,3-2CG4110.0310403B
3550May 20LADARIW,6-4CG389.0020203B
3651May 21LADARIL,3-7CG409.0020213B
3752May 22LADARIL,0-6GS368.0110203B
3854 (1)May 25LAD@CINL,1-3CG318.0020203B
3955May 26LAD@CINL,1-4CG378.0110203B
4057 (1)May 28 (2)LAD@NYMW,3-0CG319.0010103B
4158May 29LAD@NYMW,10-3GS337.0000003B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4260 (1)Jun 1LADCOLW,4-1CG369.0010103B
4361Jun 2LADCOLW,4-0CG329.0140523B
4464 (2)Jun 6LAD@PITW,11-7GS459.0211403B 1B
4565Jun 7LAD@NYYW,2-1CG4111.0211403B
4666Jun 8LAD@NYYW,11-3CG409.0130403B
4767Jun 9LAD@NYYL,4-6CG338.0010113B
4868Jun 11LADTEXW,15-2GF123.0500501B
4971 (2)Jun 14LADKCRW,4-3CG339.0000003B
5075 (3)Jun 18LAD@COLW,11-9CG439.0110203B
5176Jun 19LAD@COLL,6-7GS378.224061SS 3B
5277Jun 20LAD@COLW,5-3CG369.0040403B
5378Jun 21LADLAAL,2-3CG4010.0030303B
5480 (1)Jun 24LAD@CHWW,3-0CG359.0010103B
5582 (1)Jun 26LAD@CHWW,4-0CG309.0110203B
5684 (1)Jun 29LAD@SFGW,14-7GF266.001120PH 3B
5785Jun 30LAD@SFGL,4-10CG428.022040SS
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
5887 (1)Jul 3LADARIL,4-12GF173.001010PH 3B
5988Jul 4LADARIL,3-9CG449.003030SS
6089Jul 5LADMILW,8-5GF31.0000003B
6190Jul 6LADMILW,5-3GF31.0000003B
6291Jul 7LADMILL,2-9GS429.0000003B SS
6392Jul 9LAD@PHIL,1-10GF164.0100103B SS P
6493Jul 10LAD@PHIL,3-4GS256.0030323B
6594Jul 11LAD@PHIL,1-5GF102.002020PH 3B
6695Jul 12LAD@DETW,4-3GS317.0010103B
6796Jul 13LAD@DETL,9-11GS459.002130SS
6897Jul 14LAD@DETL,3-4GF71.0010113B
6999 (1)Jul 20LADBOSW,7-6GF144.010010PH 3B
70100Jul 21LADBOSW,9-6GS439.0221513B SS

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