Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)

2010 Fielding Gamelog (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 5KCRDETL,4-8CG419.0130412B
22Apr 7KCRDETW,3-2CG4311.0350822B
33Apr 8KCRDETL,3-7CG439.0000002B
44Apr 9KCRBOSW,4-3CG389.0110202B
55Apr 10KCRBOSL,3-8CG409.0350812B
66Apr 11KCRBOSL,6-8CG439.0210312B
77Apr 12KCR@DETW,10-5CG409.0221512B
88Apr 13KCR@DETL,5-6GF61.0100102B
99Apr 14KCR@DETW,7-3CG399.0440822B
1023 (13)Apr 30KCR@TBRW,3-2CG339.0130412B
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1124May 1KCR@TBRW,4-2CG4311.0440822B
1225May 2KCR@TBRL,0-1CG298.0310402B
1326May 3KCR@CHWL,1-5CG368.0130402B
1427May 4KCR@CHWW,7-2CG369.0450922B
1528May 5KCR@CHWL,2-9CG408.0200202B
1631 (2)May 8KCR@TEXL,2-3CG338.0220412B
1740 (8)May 18KCR@BALL,3-4CG399.1330602B
1845 (4)May 23KCRCOLL,7-11CG479.0000002B
1946May 25KCRTEXL,7-8GF184.0110212B
2047May 26KCRTEXW,5-2CG339.0130402B
2148May 27KCR@BOSW,4-3CG369.0110202B
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2253 (4)Jun 1KCRLAAW,6-3CG349.0340712B
2355 (1)Jun 3KCRLAAL,4-5CG439.0211402B
2456Jun 4KCRDETW,7-3GF72.0010102B
2561 (4)Jun 10KCR@MINW,9-8CG419.0330612B
2662Jun 11KCR@CINW,6-5CG4911.0410502B
2764 (1)Jun 13KCR@CINW,7-3CG329.0120302B
2870 (5)Jun 20KCR@ATLL,5-8CG438.0110202B
2972 (1)Jun 22KCR@WSNL,3-4GF51.2010102B
3073Jun 23KCR@WSNW,1-0CG339.0020202B
3176 (2)Jun 27KCRSTLW,10-3GF72.001010PH 2B
3279 (2)Jun 30KCRCHWW,7-6CG359.0430722B
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
3381 (1)Jul 3KCR@LAAW,4-2CG339.0110202B
3485 (3)Jul 7KCR@SEAW,7-3CG399.0100102B
3588 (2)Jul 11KCR@CHWL,5-15GF51.000000PH 3B
3691 (2)Jul 18KCROAKL,6-9CG419.0421702B
3797 (5)Jul 24KCR@NYYW,7-4CG399.0240622B
3898Jul 25KCR@NYYL,6-12CG438.0001103B
3999Jul 26KCRMINL,1-19CG529.0140512B
40100Jul 27KCRMINL,2-11CG489.0510612B
41103 (2)Jul 30KCRBALW,7-5CG389.01901012B
42104Jul 31KCRBALW,4-3CG349.0150622B
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
43105Aug 1KCRBALW,5-4CG409.0420612B
44106Aug 2KCR@OAKL,0-6CG398.0230512B
45107Aug 3KCR@OAKW,3-2CG389.0240612B
46108Aug 4KCR@OAKL,3-4CG338.0310412B
47109Aug 6KCR@SEAL,1-7CG408.0110202B
48110Aug 7KCR@SEAW,2-1CG329.0040402B
49111Aug 8KCR@SEAL,2-3CG318.0130412B
50112Aug 9KCR@LAAL,4-6CG378.0110202B
51113Aug 10KCR@LAAL,1-3CG328.0150602B
52117 (3)Aug 14KCRNYYL,3-8CG439.0310412B
53120 (2)Aug 18KCRCLEW,9-7CG459.0420622B
54121Aug 19KCRCLEL,3-7CG399.0120302B
55123 (1)Aug 21 (2)KCRCHWL,6-7CG4710.0320512B
56124Aug 22KCRCHWW,3-2CG3910.0340722B
57125Aug 23KCR@DETL,3-12CG458.0130412B
58126Aug 24KCR@DETL,1-9CG438.0020212B
59127Aug 25KCR@DETW,4-3CG4812.0330612B
60128Aug 27KCR@CLEL,4-15CG488.0060602B
61129Aug 28KCR@CLEL,3-4CG389.0060612B
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
62134 (4)Sep 3KCRDETL,5-9CG5011.0050512B
63135Sep 4KCRDETL,4-6CG439.0230512B
64137 (1)Sep 6KCR@MINL,4-5CG388.0240602B
65141 (3)Sep 11KCR@CHWW,8-2CG389.0130402B
66142Sep 12KCR@CHWL,6-12GS224.0110202B

2010 Fielding Gamelog (as 2B)

2010 Fielding Gamelog (as 3B)

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