Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

1953 Fielding Game Log (overall)

1953 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 14PIT@BROL,5-8CG378.061070C
23 (1)Apr 16PITPHIW,14-12CG499.040040
34Apr 19PITBROL,4-12CG499.040040C
45Apr 21PITNYGW,5-4CG379.030030C
56Apr 22PITNYGL,2-4GF92.010010PH C
68 (1)Apr 24PIT@PHIL,3-5CG348.021030C
710 (1)Apr 26 (1)PIT@PHIL,5-7CG408.021030C
812 (1)Apr 28PITCHCL,3-5CG09.081090
913Apr 29PITCHCW,4-3CG09.050050
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
1016 (2)May 2PITCINW,12-4CG409.041160C
1120 (3)May 9 (2)PIT@NYGL,4-6CG398.030030C
1221May 10 (1)PIT@NYGL,0-4CG358.010010C
1324 (2)May 15PIT@MLNL,3-4CG348.040040C
1425May 16PIT@CHCW,3-2CG09.040040
1527 (1)May 17 (2)PIT@CHCL,3-7CG06.031040
1629 (1)May 20PIT@STLL,6-11CG448.050050
1730May 21PITPHIW,7-2CG349.070070
1831May 23PITNYGW,8-4CG389.022040C
1932May 24PITNYGL,3-11GF173.050050PH C
2034 (1)May 27 (1)PITPHIL,2-14CG489.060060C
2135May 27 (2)PITPHIW,8-6GF41.000000
2236May 28PITPHIL,8-9GS275.020020
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
Player went from Pittsburgh Pirates to Chicago Cubs
2340Jun 5CHC@NYGL,1-11CG478.050050C
2441Jun 6CHC@NYGL,0-3CG328.041050C
2542Jun 7 (1)CHC@NYGW,10-5CG429.050050C
2644 (1)Jun 8CHC@PHIL,3-7CG388.040040C
2745Jun 9CHC@PHIL,9-10CG408.150050C
2846Jun 10 (1)CHC@PHIL,1-9CG388.031041C
2947Jun 10 (2)CHC@PHIL,5-8GF81.020020PH C
3048Jun 12CHC@BROL,4-7CG398.050050C
3149Jun 14 (1)CHC@BROL,3-6CG358.040040C
3250Jun 14 (2)CHC@BROT,6-6122.120020C
3351Jun 16 (1)CHCPITL,5-6CG419.090090C
3453 (1)Jun 17CHCPITW,5-4CG6716.053080C
3554Jun 18CHCPITW,8-4CG389.050050C
3655Jun 19 (1)CHCBROW,11-8CG479.022040C
3757 (1)Jun 20CHCBROL,3-5CG419.020020C
3858Jun 21CHCBROW,3-2CG3710.081090C
3959Jun 22CHCBROW,9-4CG359.050050C
4060Jun 23CHCPHIL,1-6GS336.042060C
4162 (1)Jun 25CHCPHIL,2-13CG539.060060C
4263Jun 26CHCNYGL,6-9CG449.060060C
4364Jun 27CHCNYGW,2-1CG359.040040
4465Jun 28CHCNYGL,2-12CG489.060060C
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4568 (2)Jul 1CHC@STLL,5-10GF153.030030
4669Jul 3CHCSTLW,10-3GF122.000000PH C
4771 (1)Jul 4 (2)CHCSTLW,5-4CG09.050050
4873 (1)Jul 5 (2)CHCCINL,6-8CG469.061070C
4974Jul 6CHCCINW,7-6GS204.020020C
5081 (6)Jul 12 (2)CHC@CINL,3-7CG348.080080C
5182Jul 16CHC@NYGL,3-10CG458.041050C
5284 (1)Jul 19 (1)CHC@PHIW,5-3CG369.060060C
5386 (1)Jul 20CHC@BROL,0-3CG368.040040C
5487Jul 21CHC@BROL,4-15GS367.070070C
5589 (1)Jul 22 (2)CHC@BROL,1-11CG428.050050C
5690Jul 24CHC@PITW,7-1CG09.060060
5791Jul 25CHC@PITW,5-4CG389.020020C
5892Jul 26 (1)CHC@PITL,2-3CG08.262080
5993Jul 26 (2)CHC@PITW,7-3CG09.041050
6094Jul 28CHCBROL,2-13CG479.050270C
6195Jul 29CHCBROL,5-6CG419.060060C
6296Jul 30CHCBROW,3-2CG379.031040C
6397Jul 31CHCPITL,0-4CG389.050050C
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
6499 (1)Aug 2CHCPITW,7-6CG011.072091
65102 (2)Aug 5 (2)CHCNYGW,7-6GS368.040040C
66105 (2)Aug 8CHCPHIW,4-1CG329.020020
67106Aug 9 (1)CHCPHIL,0-7CG459.040040
68107Aug 9 (2)CHCPHIW,6-5GF41.000000C
69110 (2)Aug 12 (2)CHCCINW,3-1CG349.01010110C
70112 (1)Aug 14CHCMLNW,11-4GS276.030030C
71115 (2)Aug 16 (2)CHCMLNL,2-6CG448.071080C
72116Aug 18CHC@STLL,1-5CG418.020020C
73122 (5)Aug 23 (2)CHC@MLNW,7-2CG307.050050C
74124 (1)Aug 25 (2)CHC@BROL,5-6CG388.050160C
75126 (1)Aug 27CHC@BROL,5-7CG378.063090C
76130 (3)Aug 30 (2)CHC@NYGW,6-2CG318.020020C
77131Aug 31CHC@NYGL,4-13CG458.080080C
September Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
78133 (1)Sep 2CHC@PITL,1-8CG08.041050
79136 (2)Sep 6 (2)CHCCINW,7-2CG419.031040C
80137Sep 7 (1)CHCMLNW,4-3CG349.070070C
81138Sep 7 (2)CHCMLNW,6-4CG379.010010C
82141 (2)Sep 12CHCNYGW,7-1CG349.030030C
83143 (1)Sep 14CHCBROW,3-1GF185.060060C
84144Sep 15CHCPHIL,2-4CG409.021030
85145Sep 16CHCPHIW,7-4CG379.052070C
86148 (2)Sep 20CHC@STLL,6-11CG408.052070
87149Sep 21CHC@STLL,0-4GF51.010120C
88151 (1)Sep 22 (2)CHC@CINW,4-1CG359.030030C
89154 (2)Sep 26CHCSTLW,4-3GS308.070070
90155Sep 27CHCSTLW,3-2GF41.000000C

1953 Fielding Game Log (as C)