Team Record in Appearances: 27-34

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Multiple inning appearances: 23,    Entered with runners on base: 15

2009 Pitching Game Log

2009 Pitching Game Log
Rk Gcar Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
11411Apr 18HOUCINW,7-09-GF991.000000000.0031051003000000003000000.010.0010.49 9t --- 0 out a7 9t end a 7
21512Apr 19HOUCINL,2-48-801.010001000.00419142203100000004000000.390.0270.49 8t --- 0 out d2 8t 3 out d2
31614Apr 21HOULADW,8-57-711.022210106.00619115023100000005000000.53-0.054-1.51 7t --- 0 out a4 7t 3 out a2
41717Apr 24HOUMILL,2-57-GF23.011101104.5010392162540100000010000000.22-0.0360.46 7t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 3
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
51823May 1HOU@ATLL,2-77-761.011111005.14521146012100000004000000.12-0.012-0.51 7b --- 0 out d4 7b 3 out d5
61925May 3HOU@ATLW,7-56-6H(1)10.111101006.1426531010000000020100001.72-0.086-0.44 6b --- 0 out a1 6b --3 1 out a1
72026May 4HOU@WSNL,4-96-GF(8)02.142223006.5212462572343003000010101100.22-0.016-0.25 6b 123 2 out d3 8b end d 5
82128May 6HOUCHCL,3-69-GF11.000000005.91315120121000000003000000.100.0080.49 9t --- 0 out d3 9t end d 3
92238May 19HOUMILL,2-47-GF123.000000004.61935259354010000009000000.340.0771.46 7t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 2
102340May 21HOUMILL,3-47-7L(0-1)10.001100015.2713110000002000000000003.17-0.099-0.66 7t 12- 1 out a2 7t 123 1 out a2
112442May 23HOUTEXL,3-68-GF12.020002004.60822185433000000008000000.170.0220.98 8t --- 0 out d3 9t end d 3
122544May 25HOU@CINL,5-86-712.010005004.08740288520000000007100000.240.0291.00 6b --- 0 out d3 7b 3 out d3
132648May 30HOU@PITL,4-75-641.100021003.79628157112100200004000000.440.0340.92 5b 12- 2 out d3 6b 3 out d3
Jun Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
142751Jun 2HOUCOLW,3-27-721.020001003.605271753131100010050000001.430.0540.49 7t --- 0 out d1 7t 3 out d1
152854Jun 5HOUPITW,9-18-GF22.010011003.27736218323210000006000100.020.0020.98 8t --- 0 out a8 9t end a 8
162956Jun 7HOUPITW,6-47-7BW(1-1)11.010010003.13416801211003200030001003.530.0460.32 7t 123 0 out a2 7t 3 out tie
173059Jun 11HOUCHCW,2-111-GF(13)W(2-1)33.010002002.77103622633511000000100000001.840.4041.4611t --- 0 out tie13t end tie
183162Jun 14HOU@ARIW,8-37-822.010011002.57727165032010000006100100.430.0371.05 7b --- 0 out a5 8b 3 out a5
193264Jun 17HOU@TEXL,4-510-GF(10)L(2-2)20.121010002.54516802221000010040010012.96-0.350-2.0810b --- 0 out tie10b end d 1
203370Jun 24HOUKCRL,3-411-GF(11)L(2-3)61.021102102.76523145003100000005000000.98-0.304-0.5111t --- 0 out tie11t end d 1
213473Jun 27HOUDETW,8-18-821.000000002.673551021100000003000000.040.0030.49 8t --- 0 out a7 8t 3 out a7
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
223577Jul 1HOU@SDPW,7-17-832.000010002.51725146051000000006000000.180.0280.90 7b --- 0 out a5 8b 3 out a5
233679Jul 3HOU@SFGL,0-133-715.054404013.13218354106970200000020210000.01-0.005-1.46 3b --- 0 out d9 7b 3 out d13
243785Jul 9HOUWSNW,9-44-451.010001003.05413111121000000003000000.920.0380.49 4t --- 0 out d2 4t 3 out d2
253886Jul 10HOUWSNW,6-59-GFW(3-3)01.020000002.9748620400000000030000003.170.1350.49 9t --- 0 out tie 9t end tie
263987Jul 11HOUWSNL,2-137-701.054401103.79836236334200000008300000.02-0.007-3.51 7t --- 0 out d7 7t 3 out d11
274091Jul 18HOU@LADL,2-56-761.100000003.6741383131000100004000000.060.0060.78 6b -2- 2 out d5 7b 3 out d5
284193Jul 20HOUSTLW,3-27-7H(2)10.100000003.641320101100000001000000.800.0210.10 7t --- 2 out a1 7t 3 out a1
294296Jul 24HOUNYMW,5-46-6H(3)30.100000003.6119600100001000010000001.330.0380.23 6t 1-- 2 out a1 6t 3 out a1
304398Jul 26HOUNYML,3-86-712.000001003.45627143232010000006000000.460.0700.98 6t --- 0 out d2 7t 3 out d2
3144100Jul 28HOU@CHCW,11-65-7BW(4-3)13.033323103.80145935884501000000120000001.87-0.115-1.40 5b --- 0 out a3 7b 3 out a1
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
3245104Aug 1HOU@STLL,1-35-7L(4-4)33.041003003.581347348108200000100121000101.35-0.0250.46 5b --- 0 out tie 7b 3 out d1
3346108Aug 5HOUSFGL,6-108-831.000001003.5131492211010000003000000.100.0070.49 8t --- 0 out d4 8t 3 out d4
3447109Aug 7HOUMILW,6-37-8H(4)11.110002003.425171352210003000050000001.100.1251.25 7t 123 2 out a3 8t 3 out a3
3548111Aug 9HOUMILW,2-08-8H(5)10.210010003.38415800120000000030000001.390.0040.06 8t --- 0 out a2 8t 12- 2 out a2
3649113Aug 11HOU@FLAL,8-96-7BS(3)12.022222003.5810472574331103200082000002.83-0.296-1.14 6b 123 0 out a3 7b 3 out d1
3750116Aug 14HOU@MILL,2-117-721.021101003.67514101222100000005100000.01-0.001-0.51 7b --- 0 out d8 7b 3 out d9
3851118Aug 16HOU@MILW,8-57-7W(5-4)10.200001013.6331272201000001002000000.870.0230.26 7b --- 1 out d1 7b 3 out d1
3952120Aug 19HOUFLAW,6-36-7H(6)22.041111003.669311662252100001181110001.920.053-0.03 6t --- 0 out a2 7t 3 out a1
4053123Aug 22HOUARIW,4-28-8H(7)20.100000003.641741010000000001000000.500.0130.10 8t --- 2 out a2 8t 3 out a2
4154124Aug 23HOUARIL,5-77-801.241111003.69931193443300000007000100.69-0.031-0.52 7t --- 0 out d2 8t 1-3 2 out d3
4255126Aug 26HOU@STLL,2-37-721.000011003.63419933110100000030000001.000.0420.49 7b --- 0 out d1 7b 3 out d1
4356127Aug 27HOU@STLW,4-37-700.100001003.6114312000002000010000001.400.0360.43 7b 12- 2 out d1 7b 3 out d1
4457129Aug 29HOU@ARIL,0-98-GF(8)11.000002003.5531294001000000003000000.000.0000.52 8b --- 0 out d9 8b end d 9
4558130Aug 30HOU@ARIL,3-47-700.200001003.5221273110000310002000000.790.0000.60 7b 123 1 out d2 7b 3 out d3
Sep/Oct Tm Opp Rslt Inngs Dec DR IP H R ER BB SO HR HBP ERA BF Pit Str StL StS GB FB LD PU Unk GSc IR IS SB CS PO AB 2B 3B IBB GDP SF ROE aLI WPA RE24 Entered Exited
4659132Sep 1HOU@CHCL,1-47-GF(8)12.021121003.55932183533200000007200000.33-0.0010.07 7b --- 0 out d2 8b end d 3
4760135Sep 5HOUPHIW,5-47-7H(8)30.210000003.5139500030102100030000003.440.037-0.10 7t 12- 1 out a2 7t 3 out a1
4861137Sep 7HOUPHIW,4-38-8H(9)10.200012003.483181142000001000020000003.900.1260.51 8t 1-- 1 out a1 8t 3 out a1
4962138Sep 8HOUATLL,1-29-GF01.000011003.4241682202000000003000000.290.0170.49 9t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 2
5063142Sep 12HOUPITW,4-27-7W(6-4)31.000001003.38310722200000000030000001.150.0870.49 7t --- 0 out tie 7t 3 out tie
5164143Sep 13HOUPITL,1-29-GF01.010000003.333961021100000003000000.260.0170.49 9t --- 0 out d2 9t end d 2
5265144Sep 14HOU@CINL,1-37-GF(8)01.211102103.38625172413010200006000000.740.0430.68 7b 1-3 1 out d1 8b end d 2
5366146Sep 16HOU@CINL,5-67-GF(8)12.000016003.287312089000002100060000001.040.0761.34 7b 1-3 0 out tie 8b end d 1
5467147Sep 18HOU@MILL,2-37-8BS(4)11.121100003.356241541420100000050000002.46-0.099-0.28 7b --- 0 out a1 8b --- 1 out tie
5568148Sep 19HOU@MILL,2-77-701.010001003.30415125221000320004000000.32-0.0120.32 7b 123 0 out d2 7b 3 out d4
5669152Sep 23HOUSTLW,3-07-7H(10)31.000003003.2631294300000000003000000.920.0690.49 7t --- 0 out a2 7t 3 out a2
5770154Sep 26HOUCINL,4-109-GF21.022201103.45521152713010000005100000.05-0.011-1.51 9t --- 0 out d4 9t end d 6
5871155Sep 27HOUCINW,3-27-7H(11)01.000002003.40312833100000000030000001.260.0950.49 7t --- 0 out a1 7t 3 out a1
5972157Sep 29HOU@PHIL,4-77-710.200001003.3821051101010000002000000.140.0070.27 7b --- 1 out d3 7b 3 out d3
6073159Oct 1HOU@PHIW,5-36-6H(12)11.010011003.335201133121000000040000001.180.0550.50 6b --- 0 out a3 6b 3 out a3
6174161Oct 3HOU@NYML,1-57-711.021120003.40625103013100000104100000.19-0.022-0.52 7b --- 0 out d3 7b 3 out d4

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