Fielding stats are given overall and by position. In some cases, they will be identical.

2007 Fielding Game Log (overall)

2007 Fielding Game Log (overall)
Rk Gtm Date Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
11Apr 2CINCHCW,5-1CG369.050160CF
22Apr 4CINCHCL,1-4CG409.000000CF
33Apr 5CINCHCW,5-2CG399.020020CF
44Apr 6CINPITW,6-1CG329.030030CF
55Apr 7CINPITW,7-5CG379.010010CF
66Apr 8CINPITL,3-6CG429.060060CF
77Apr 9CIN@ARIL,2-3CG338.020020CF
89 (1)Apr 11CIN@ARIW,3-2CG339.020020CF
910Apr 13CIN@CHCW,6-5GF51.010010CF
1011Apr 14CIN@CHCL,0-7CG368.020020CF
1112Apr 15CIN@CHCW,1-0CG339.020020CF
1213Apr 16CINMILL,6-10CG479.020020CF
1314Apr 17CINMILW,11-5GS399.0311503B CF
1415Apr 18CINHOUL,2-7CG389.0021303B
1516Apr 19CINHOUL,6-8CG409.020020CF
1617Apr 20CINPHIW,2-1CG3810.020020CF
1718Apr 21CINPHIL,1-4CG349.030030CF
1819Apr 22CINPHIL,3-9CG459.030030CF
1920Apr 24CIN@STLW,10-3GF112.000000CF
2022 (1)Apr 26CIN@STLL,5-7CG388.030030CF
2123Apr 27CIN@PITL,1-3CG358.030030CF
2224Apr 28CIN@PITW,8-1CG309.040040CF
2325Apr 29CIN@PITW,9-5CG369.040040CF
May Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
2427 (1)May 2CIN@HOUL,1-3CG388.0310403B
2528May 3CIN@HOUL,5-7GS398.041050CF 3B
2630 (1)May 5CINCOLL,7-9CG459.0020203B
2731May 6CINCOLW,9-3GS389.0330612B CF
2832May 7CINHOUL,4-5CG369.0420603B
2933May 8CINHOUL,6-7GS399.010010CF 3B
3035 (1)May 10CINHOUW,9-5CG409.0210303B
3138 (2)May 13CIN@LADL,5-10CG458.020020CF
3239May 14CIN@SDPL,1-7CG378.0250703B
3340May 15CIN@SDPW,2-1GS4212.0420603B CF
3441May 16CIN@SDPL,2-3CG358.0040423B
3542May 18CIN@CLEL,4-9GS418.001011CF 3B
3643May 19CIN@CLEW,10-5CG429.031040CF
3744May 20CIN@CLEL,3-5CG358.0020203B
3845May 21CINWSNW,8-7GS409.0100103B CF
3946May 22CINWSNL,4-8CG429.020020CF
4047May 23CINWSNL,7-12CG459.020020CF
4148May 24CINWSNL,3-4CG389.050050CF
4249May 25CINPITL,4-10CG4610.040150CF
4350May 26CINPITL,5-9CG459.060060CF
4451May 27CINPITL,10-14CG459.010010CF
4552May 28CINPITW,4-0GS82.110010CF
Jul Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
4683 (30)Jul 3CINSFGW,7-3CG409.020020CF
4785 (1)Jul 5CINSFGW,6-3GS359.0110203B LF
4887 (1)Jul 7CINARIW,5-4GS257.0120303B CF
4988Jul 8CINARIW,4-3CG4611.030030CF
5089Jul 12CIN@NYML,2-3CG358.020020CF
5190Jul 13CIN@NYMW,8-4GS399.0020203B CF
5291Jul 14CIN@NYML,1-2CG378.0100103B
5392Jul 15CIN@NYML,2-5CG368.020020CF
5493Jul 16CIN@ATLW,10-3CG429.010010CF
5594Jul 17CIN@ATLW,6-5CG409.010010CF
5695Jul 18CIN@ATLW,5-4GF348.030030CF
5796Jul 19CIN@FLAW,7-5CG439.010010CF
5897Jul 20CIN@FLAL,2-10CG388.040040CF
5998Jul 21CIN@FLAL,1-11CG418.010010CF
6099Jul 22CIN@FLAL,3-9CG438.010010CF
61100Jul 23CINMILW,2-1CG4612.030030CF
62101Jul 24CINMILL,3-5GF102.010010PH CF
63102Jul 25CINMILW,7-3GS369.000000CF 3B 2B
64103Jul 26CINMILW,6-5GS399.040040CF
65104Jul 27CINCHCW,5-4CG379.041050CF
66105Jul 28CINCHCL,1-8CG399.040040CF
67106Jul 29CINCHCL,0-6CG449.040040CF
68107Jul 31CIN@WSNL,3-6CG388.040040CF
Aug Tm Opp Rslt Inngs BF Inn PO A E Ch DP Pos
69109 (1)Aug 2CIN@WSNL,3-7GS387.031040CF

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